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Extra Fluid - Week 31

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Pinkcaz Fri 04-Sep-09 15:39:46

Hello All,

I was at the GP yesterday and he examined me - blood pressure great, no swollen ankles etc - Great! but when he was feeling my bump he seemed a little unnerved... ( I have recently transfered my care from London to Derbyshire and last scan was 20 weeks) .. he seemed to think my 31 weeks was incorrect... more like 34 + weeks.

Well that freaked me out a little in itself - I mean 3 weeks is 3 weeks and this is my first so I am in no rush to the pain just yet lol But then when he went to listen to heartbeat - he couldn't find it with the electronic machine - just lots of interference - so he used the little metal ear horn thingy (technical terminology my forte as you can see lol) and found it - then using the original machine in the place he found it we could hear the faint beat.

As you can imagine the minute where there was no sound felt like an hour but once I calmed down and he assured me the heartbeat was fine he mentioned he thought that the reason I seemed further along may be down to extra fluid in there - I asked if this would cause problems and I think in a bid to keep me in my calmer state he said he was sure would be ok - not to worry until had my scan which is now arranged for Tuesday morning.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this or knew anything about it as even thought I am trying to be calm and collected and not thnk about things too much until I have had the scan - sometimes the not knowing is worse than having the facts

Sorry to go on.... Hope everyone else is having a joyful preggy time

Caz x

southernbelle77 Fri 04-Sep-09 16:37:15

I had a quick scan yesterday and the consultant mentioned that I have a lot of fluid in there. She didn't seem concerned about it, just mentioned it as a matter of fact. She measured me at 34 weeks (am 30 weeks), but then I was half sitting up so it wasn't the best position!

Hope all is ok and the scan on Tuesday is reassuring.

Pinkcaz Sat 05-Sep-09 17:19:04


I scared myself a little yesterday by searching through the internet and of course getting the worse case details - so hoping tht Tuesday will make me the neurotic mum-to-be I have come to know and love and not anything serious

I hope yours sorts itself out and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Caz x

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