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Anyone else hallucinate after C-sec?

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victoriascrumptious Thu 03-Sep-09 22:00:02

I had an epidural-at least I think I did! Could have been a spinal anesthetic-i'm not sure of the difference. It was the one where they stick a needle in your back and you go numb very rapidly.

Anyway I was not aware that they had given me any other drugs (apart from the blood pressure tablets they had been giving me all week).

After I came out of surgery I was seeing things whizzing around in my peripheral vision. Sort of like fluffy coloured blobs. I also saw a fully formed fraggle under the bed

What could have caused this?
(apart from insanity)

5inthebed Thu 03-Sep-09 22:01:52

They put a small amount of morphine in with the spinal (or the anaesthetic, can't remember). That'd make you hallucinate I'd think. I've had 3 sections, never hallucinated, but was on a high after my first one for days.

victoriascrumptious Thu 03-Sep-09 22:32:32

Ah they never told me that. I'm glad there's an explaination for it as the mw looked at me weird when I told her about the fluffy blobs

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