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Experiences of IUGR please?

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sleepwhenidie Thu 03-Sep-09 18:56:40

I had my 20 week scan yesterday and saw consultant today as my baby is measuring so small (not even on charts, est weight of 160g when I think it should be about 300g).
This could possibly be due to a chromosomal abnormality but consultant strongly believes it is most likely IUGR. This was suspected with DS because he measured small and his femur measurements were relatively short (apparently an early indication of IUGR).He was scanned regularly throughout the pregnancy and was fine but this baby is much smaller than he was so we are v worried sad.

Anyone had IUGR diagnosed this early? What was your experience and outcome please?

sleepwhenidie Thu 03-Sep-09 21:35:15


helenlouisey Fri 04-Sep-09 07:45:43

Hi sleepwhendie, my DS was diagnosed with IUGR due to pre-eclampsia, but not till 30 weeks, he was born at 33 weeks in the end weighed 1.4kg. Have a look at this website, I found lots of useful information and support there

Good luck and I hope your little one is ok

noddyintoyland Fri 04-Sep-09 09:36:44

Hi sleepwhenidie, my ds was diagnosed with IUGR at about 28 weeks. There was also little or no amniotic fluid He was born at 34weeks by c-sec and weighed 1.2kg.

What are the hospital suggesting? From 28weeks I had fetal heart monitoring every other day and scans/doppler scans every 2 weeks until delivery.

Hope everything ok for your little one.

sleepwhenidie Fri 04-Sep-09 09:42:21

Thanks helen and noddy - at the moment it is so early and baby is so tiny all we can do is wait and scan every couple of weeks to see what is happening with the baby's fingers crossed there will be some. I guess if we make it to 26-28 weeks+ they can monitor more regularly to take a view when/if cs delivery might be best/possible.

Were both of yours fine? They were soo tiny when born!

noddyintoyland Fri 04-Sep-09 14:07:03

Sleepwhenidie, Yeah my DS is fine. He spent 3 weeks in NICU basically to put on some weight so he could maintain his body temperature. When he came home he weighed 3lbs 12oz sorry not sure what that is in KG. He is 6 next week and is about average size from those in his class, people are very surprised when I tell them how tiny he was.

Good luck, hope baby continues to grow albeit slowly. Keep us informed

HelenHighwater Fri 04-Sep-09 14:47:44

My ds was small from about 27 wks so not as early as yours, diagnosed IUGR about 29 weeks due to pre-eclampsia.

I had the steroids injections and was hospitalised with bed rest. Foetal monitoring twice a day with doppler every week and doppler and growth scan every 2 wks.

He was born at 34 wks by cs when they found he had stopped growing for a couple of wks and absent doppler. Was 1.2kg, 0.4th centile.

Spent 3 days in NICU and 4 weeks in SCBU to put on weight, regulate body temp and feed by himself.

Is now coming 2 and average weight/height. He has taken a bit longer to reach the 'developmental milestones' but gets there in the end and the main thing for me is that he is healthy and happy.

All the very best to you and your little one.

fiestagal Sat 10-Oct-09 13:50:33

Hi, we have recently experienced this. On the 20 week scan it was picked up that DS was bottom of the growth charts, I then had fortnightly growth scans, at that point ds was following the bottom curve. At about 32 weeks growth was non existent, 2 weeks later there was barely any growth and ds had now dropped off the bottom centile, I had steroid injs at that point but the plan was to get to 36 weeks. Blood flow dopplers to check flow cross the placenta was also done at the later scans. I had CTG monitoring twice weekly in the last week. DS decided not to wait till 36 weks and my waters went at 34+6, he was born by section weighing 2lb 11 1/2 oz (1.24kg), he didn't need any help with breathing - which was my main fear, he spent 3 days in an incubator mainly because of his size, and then 4 weeks in scbu just until he put on weight and maintained his own body temp. He was discharged weighing 3lb 10 (1.65kg).
He is doing well and is now 6 weeks old, he has also been fully breast feed since day 3.

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