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Large bump with number two!! Is there only one in there?

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mummyofthomas Thu 03-Sep-09 17:52:21

Hi, I am 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby, have been in maternity clothes for weeks and feel like a whale already. Midwife has said that it's because it's my second and my first baby was not that long ago (he is one). Listened to heartbeat - only heard one very faint and hard to find. Midwife says she 'thinks' only one in there but I saw all my family this weekend and they couldn't believe how big I was already. My mum said I was the same size she was when carrying me and my sister (I am a twin myself). Where I live we don't get scan till 20 weeks no dating scan. I am being paranoid because of family comments or could there really be more than one in there? Can you ask for earlier scans or do you have to go private? Sorry for super long thread

CantThinkofFunnyName Thu 03-Sep-09 19:44:04

You can certainly pay to go private if you wish but medically, NHS wouldn't do an earlier scan unless they (medics) had a particular reason for this. However, MW is probably right. I was in maternity clothes from 7/8 weeks with my 2nd and 3rd pg's. Indeed, my mother was a twin so I ended paying for private scans both times at around the 7/8 week mark because I was convinced there had to be more than one in there. Both times - just the singleton.

I'm now 22 wks with the 3rd and everything has evened out. Whilst I was huge to begin with, the body grew and now the baby has just occupied the space.

Congrats btw!

mummyofthomas Fri 04-Sep-09 10:11:23

Hi,thank for the advice and congrats on your third pregnancy. I think I am just being paranoid i.e I am a twin myself and twins run in my fiances family too! Think I need to stop worrying

flowerybeanbag Fri 04-Sep-09 10:20:40

Being bigger second time around and showing sooner is normal.

Twins run in my family as well. I'm sure this is a myth but I've been told that they run down the female line every other generation. I'm sure it's a load of rubbish and there's no medical theory behind it at all, but it's certainly true of my family; every other generation of females has had twins down my mum's side.

So according to that you shouldn't have twins as you are one. Wouldn't rely on that though!

GoldenSnitch Fri 04-Sep-09 10:33:51

I know a twin who has twins! She's a cousin of my Mums. Sorry Flowerybeanbag.

Having said that, I am pregnant with baby number 2 (24 weeks) and am sick to death with people telling me that I am huge!

Pretty much everyone who asks me how far gone I am looks at me open mouthed when I tell them I'm not due till December then proceeds to announce that I am the same size as someone they know who is due in a couple of weeks!!

We have 2 firement round yesterday to fit some fire alarms and even they told me I am going to be huge!! sad

I think it's just a second child thing.

JRocks Fri 04-Sep-09 10:57:12

I'm bigger second time round, and it's all just bump too. Only carrying the one two, despite the many 'hilarious' comments I get hmm

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

MrsDmamee Fri 04-Sep-09 13:02:32

the twins comment gets a bit old after the 2nd 3rd hormonesgrin but if you are worried you could get one of those private scans done just to have a nosey at whats going on inside.

SIL had private 3d/4d scan at 11 weeks as she was worried cause she had no morning sickness and assumed it was part of being preggers,(I didnt have MS with either of my 2 dc) her 1st baby bless her. but it put her mind at ease then until her hosp scan at 20 weeks which was other day.

JRocks Fri 04-Sep-09 15:17:56

I think in your position I'd have a private scan, as I liked the peace of mind that came with the 12 week dating scan. Is there anywhere near you that does them?

mummyofthomas Sun 06-Sep-09 20:15:38

Hi all thanks for advice and yes the comments of how huge i.e I'm having some sort of litter of cubs rather than just the one baby does wear thin very quickly. I'm not too sure if they do private scans near where I am? Does anyone else know any clinics that do them and how much they cost?

duckey Sun 06-Sep-09 20:33:13

I'm 23 weeks and feel huge, definitely bigger with this one - my 2nd. As for twins running down the maternal line - twins (well most sets) need 2 eggs and the mum provides them. Blokes only have to produce sperm and there are millions of them in the ejaculate.

Bibithree Sun 06-Sep-09 20:39:04

I had my suspicions about me carrying twins, I was actually pg with twins but hadn't had a dating scan at that point.

The things that made me wonder were:
* feeling from very early on that I had a bowling ball in my belly, weighing heavily on my pelvis
* having mornign sickness and actually being sick every day, with dd1 I was only sick twice the entire pregnancy
* feeling much more hormonal and just much more pregnant than I had done in my two previsou pregnancies

but until my 12 week scan I wasn't much bigger than I had been the previsou 2 times.

Lo and behold, it was twins grin

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