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Tell me what you did with DC1 when you had DC2!

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Naetha Thu 03-Sep-09 13:52:51

Family all live 3hours+ away, and home birth isn't an option!

The only people I feel I could ask to look after DS (will be 23mo at due date) already have children of their own, and DS can be impossible to settle away from home, so ideally he'd be here.

Any suggestions?

MACKAT Thu 03-Sep-09 16:17:53

when first pangs of labour came I called a local friend and dropped ds off there while went to hospital, meanwhile called the in laws who live 2 hours away and they came down and picked ds up from friends. So friends had him for the time it took in laws to get here. I stayed in for 2 nights, DH was there for the birth and stayed quite late on the first nigt and visited on the second day but mainly stayed with DS and in laws, altho he popped in to bring supplies.

OmniDroid Thu 03-Sep-09 16:22:58

In the event, DH had him and I gave birth with just the midwife present. Which was GREAT, but DH was fine with it, which was vital.

But... before hand, I asked everyone I could (DS's nursery nurses, friends, neighbours, babysitter) to be part of my call-out-plan. Everyone said yes, and I had a very detailed list of names, numbers and what people were offering to do, from staying overnight (nursery staff surprised me there!), to birth partnering me (lovely babysitter), to taking DS at a moment's notice (friends with children).

And I thought I knew no-one well enough to even ask when I started the planning!

So I think there are always options, and you'll be amazed with what is offered.

beautifulgirls Thu 03-Sep-09 16:31:54

Could your family come and stay for a few days around the due date perhaps? You will be surprised who will offer to help out if you ask people. I was lucky and have parents nearby who came over in the middle of the night to stay with DD#1 when #2 was born - then they took her back to their house for the next day and night for us. My parents are going away a couple of weeks before I am due this time so I have asked a friend if she would have the girls for me in the event of an unexpected delivery and she was more than happy to agree. My parents would come home straight away when they were notified of being needed (also will be about 3hr away at that time) and so my friend would not have to do too much looking after before my parents would take them off her hands. I guess at worst I would go to hospital and DH would be left to make arrangements before he could join me if our plans broke down for some reason.

lynniep Thu 03-Sep-09 16:33:03

Hmm, we've been pondering this too. I'd do as Mackat stated except that both our dads are very ill at the moment so theres no way mine or DH's parents can be called upon. (both sets are also over 2 hours away)

So I'm going to have to do what Omnidroid has said - draw up a list of everyone who has said they will help - ask our babysitter how she feels about being called on in an emergency (she's the only person with no kids - but she does have a full time job at DS's nursery) - check with the nursery if they can do emergency care if its in the daytime, and check with the neighbours as a last resort if its nighttime and friends can't come over so at least theres someone in the house until a friend can make it.

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