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Just discovered pregnant - panicking about miscarriage

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babyincubator Wed 02-Sep-09 15:12:06

After an emotional year of trying (with best friends getting pregnant in interim), I've just discovered that I am pregnant - literally best news ever grin... The digital test said that I was five weeks pregnant wink
Heading to doctor on Monday and yet to tell any of my friends for fear of miscarriage.
Can anyone shed some light as to what happens next?
Am trying not to get wound up or panicky about the chance of miscarrying but am really nervous. sad I'm 28 years old and in a pretty stressful job... I also - must confess - smoked for the first few weeks without knowing I was pregnant.
Arrgh - any advice be super dooper!!!
Thanks xx

sweetkitty Wed 02-Sep-09 15:17:05

hi babyincubator, firstly congratulations I found out I am pregnant last week too, number 4 in my case.

I have had a mc too so am a bit stressed right now as well.

As for the doctors it can be quite deflating, they don't do much, just make a note of your due date and refer you to the MWs how usually send you a booking in appt at around 12 weeks, then depending on where you live you will be offered a 12 week scan.

Yes you have a 1 in 5 chance of miscarriage but that means a 4 in 5 chance you won't so odds in your favour. Please don't stress yourself out about smoking I am sure plenty of women smoke, drink and worse before they know they are pregnant.

And lastly I take it you will be due in May 2010, if so come and join us on the antenatal thread, we are all at the same stage and are virtually holding each others hands, there's loads of first timers and old timers like me smile

BlueChampagne Wed 02-Sep-09 15:20:08

First of all, congratulations! I suspect the drill varies from region to region, but the Doctor may give you a frightening list of dates when you have to have tests etc. but once you're on the band-wagon, they should fall into place, especially once you've met your midwife. You'll probably also get lots of information about what you should and shouldn't eat.

Don't beat yourself up over the smoking, but obviously try and stop if you can.

Also, don't feel you have tell friends/family/colleagues any earlier than you feel comfortable with. However, you could join the appropriate MN ante-natal thread for support.

Hope you're feeling well.

babyincubator Wed 02-Sep-09 15:36:38

Thanks SweetKitty and BlueChampagne - especially for such speedy responses. SweetKitty, congratulations, how you feeling?!
This site is great - especially as I'm trying not to tell friends and family for as long as possible.

And especially because when i booked doctor's appt and told receptionist i was pg, she was beyond unexcited! Being the first person i've told (bar my husband), i expected a bit of enthusiasm!
Have definitely given up the smokes and the booze (all going well with the pregnancy, just realised this is for a year, wowzers...)

1 in 5... the odds aren't great, are they?! But, like you say, that is 4 in 5 chances of success. Argh, feel like my body is sitting a school exam - just so keen for it to go smoothly. My best friend is 9 weeks pregnant - and obviously it doesn't matter but really want us to go through the whole thing together. She doesn't know I'm pg yet!


memorylapse Thu 03-Sep-09 10:10:00

Hi Babyincubator..Im about 4 weeks+6 and due in May..Ive had misscarriages and everyday Im paranoid about it..we are all tightly holding hands on the due in may thread if you would like to join us theresmile

babyincubator Thu 03-Sep-09 10:47:26

Congratulations memorylapse, how exciting but totally get your fears. This is my first time so I don't have a scoobies what to expect other than I can't believe how much my boobs have grown.
I'm usually totally flatchested and now actually have a pair of knockers. My husband is bowled over!
Wish I could make time fly... and get to the three month scan today!
Am sure all will be fine with you this time - am so sorry to hear that you've miscarried before xx

first1 Tue 08-Sep-09 14:09:27

Hi ladies, I'm completely new to this site! I've just found out I'm pregnant. It was only the first month off the pill, so still in complete shock tbh! Despite taking 5 tests! Been to the doc and waitin to be referred to MW. Anyone got any ideas of what I can expect? As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I'm tired allll the time and feel like I'm weeing like a camel!! Congrats to those of you who have just found out too

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