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Maternity leave/pay. Extra shifts during unpaid leave?

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scratchet Wed 02-Sep-09 11:52:16

Hi all,

I work for the nhs and have worked out all my mat leave and pay etc.

I was supposed to be taking 4 weeks either side of the 39weeks mat leave as annual leave but have been told i cannot have 4 weeks together next year as it a busy time for the unit and too many staff off.

I have therefore decided to take unpaid mat leave for a few weeks and i was wondering if i am allowed to do (paid) bank shifts during this time?

All help appreciated. TIA.

scratchet Wed 02-Sep-09 21:29:35


AngelaCarleen Thu 03-Sep-09 18:30:02

I work for the NHS aswell, as far as I'm aware you're not allowed to do extra shifts during maternity leave.

I'm a bit surprised that they wont let you tag annual leave on to the end of your mat leave. I'm taking 5 weeks when I return next year, as is the other pregnant lady on the ward. I'm doing it because I will acrue full time holidays, if I return to work and don't take them before I drop my hours to part time I'll not get paid full time during the a/l (I think thats what the mat leave coordinator lady said, but my brain is a bit addled at the mo grin). Maybe you should check with the mat leave coordinator that they are allowed to do that. Also, you can spread the total amount that you'll be getting paid during maternity leave over the time that you're off, e.g. I'm taking the full year so they're splitting my pay into 12 equal payments so I'll have money coming in every month.

Hope this helps

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