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Tired, exhausted, teary mess

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mum27 Wed 02-Sep-09 11:07:42

I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby number 8. This time I am finding the going really tough and instead of enjoying one of the easiest pregnancies i've had. DD4 is helping to make this pregnancy an absolute nightmare, she is uncontrollable and even the Dr. has suggested she should either be in childcare or on medication. With all the other children clattering round the house my youngest 2 don't ever sleep in. My DH puts a DVD on for them before he leaves for work but when I get up the youngest one has totally destroyed the place. In short she's an absolute terror, cat food in her sisters bed, things broken, fights with her sister, I can't take her anywhere because of the tantrums she throws and I am finding myself constantly in tears and paralyzed, unable to move off the couch. When DH gets home he picks up the slack and at the moment I'm leaving a lot of it but when he disciplines the kids he just yells so much it makes my already frazzled nerves worse. Does anyone have any suggestions, sorry for the long rant

raggie Wed 02-Sep-09 11:15:14

Sorry to hear how you're feeling. I'm sorry I don't have any miracle answers but just offering sympathy really blush

How old are your children? Can the older ones help out at all?

Can you not be up with your little ones to help prevent the situation occurring?

mum27 Wed 02-Sep-09 12:07:18

Hi raggie t6hanks for the sympathy smile The older 2 are 19 and 18 and not at home anymore and the younger ones are 14, 13 and 10 and are at school, would be nice to think they might help but they are at the me, me, me stage. I am up with the littlies most of the tiem but am also not able to get to bed as early as I would like and running around after the others has left me totally shattered and desperate for some extra sleep. Unfortunately half the destruction happens when I am up and I'm not even aware she's done it til i discover it or her sister tells me. Cat food ended up all over the place when i was in the shower! Sisters teddy ended up in the potty coz she was being spiteful and too late to stop it. The running around after her is just so draining.

raggie Wed 02-Sep-09 12:11:50

You poor thing! Don't know what else to say I'm afraid as I'm a 1st timer and lacking on the experience front blush

You've just joined the November antenatal thread haven't you? Try posting over there, they are a sympathetic bunch, many of whom with more experience than me!

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