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Whoever recommended Zantac - thank you : )

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spongebrainmaternitypants Wed 02-Sep-09 09:45:03

I started a thread about chronic indigestion a few days ago (I'm 32 weeks pg) and how difficult I was finding it to sleep sad.

A couple of posters recommended getting zantac, which I took for the first time last night.

Well, whoever referred to them as a miracle was right grin! My best night's sleep in ages.

Thank you smile.

tink08 Wed 02-Sep-09 10:07:03

no problem your post made me smile smile
if you make an appointment with your gp you can get similar stuff on a prescription and it would be free too . . even better grin

spongebrainmaternitypants Wed 02-Sep-09 14:49:56


Oh, I did get them from the doctor - always a sucker for a freebie! grin

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