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22 weeks - feeling regular movement?

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Ciara11 Wed 02-Sep-09 09:22:39

Just looking for a bit of advice, im now 22+1 weeks and had my anomoly scan last wednesday, all was ok, no problems although looks like he's gonna be big.

Anyway i was wondering, can anyone remember when they were 22 weeks, whether they felt regular movement or not or whether it was only when you were thinking about it, if you get want i mean

Because of previous miscarriages, im worried that something is going wrong cause im not feeling regular movement and was wondering if anyone could offer any words of advice.

Thanks in advance

Weegle Wed 02-Sep-09 09:26:19

I think is really varies on the pregnancy to be honest, so please try not to worry. With DS I felt him very early (15 weeks) and had very definite regular movements from about 17 weeks onwards. I am now 20 weeks with my second pregnancy (so should expect me to be more aware IYSWIM) AND there are twins in there... and it's just occasional. I think it depends on how they are positioned, where the placenta is etc etc. I remember at only about 23 weeks with DS watching my stomach move - but his placenta was at the back and he was facing out, so maybe that's why?

fridayatlast Wed 02-Sep-09 09:28:33

I remember worrying about this with DS2 (who is now 12 months).

With DS1 I felt him kicking by this time regularly, but with DS2 it seemed like I hardly ever felt him.

I was worried but midwife said it was down to the position of the placenta, with DS2 it was cushioning his movement so I felt it less.

Even as he got bigger (and he was 9lbs at birth) I still never got a lot of kicks. All was fine.

Do you know the position of your placenta?

Ciara11 Wed 02-Sep-09 10:44:41

Thank you Weegle and Fridayatlast it definately puts my mind at ease that everyone is different. Its the sort of thing that you know, but until someone actually points it out to you, you sort of forget, dont you? IYSWIM

Fridayatlast my placenta is high posteriar (oops spelling) so i dont think it cushions the moves, does it?

Lets hope he starts moving more soon to set my mind at ease
Although saying that he's just given another kick, always the way isnt it?

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