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help i just tripped down the stairs - 20weeks pregnant!

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michelle89 Tue 01-Sep-09 15:00:50

i was walking down stairs, and as i got to the bottom i lost my footing and banged the bottom of my back on the step, im really worried about baby, i text my midwife and she said unless theres any bleeding dont worry, i havent got any cramp, bleeding or leaking fluid, should i go to hospital to check? this mornin i had my 20week scan! help!

pasturesnew Tue 01-Sep-09 15:06:48

Poor you! I think the baby will be safe, but the hospital will see you and be nice to you if you want to go in. Only thing is you might be waiting around for hours as I doubt they'd prioritise you if no symptoms as per midwife's advice, so you might want to rest up at home for a bit and see how you feel, if the baby is moving as normal etc. this might reassure you.

My tip to make the baby move is to eat an ice cream! Works for me, anyway!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 01-Sep-09 15:08:19

Have you had any change in movements since you fell?

rubyslippers Tue 01-Sep-09 15:09:46

call your MW if you don't feel baby moving soon - if necessary drink some icy cold water

i did this but felt baby moving very soon after so knew all was ok

babies are very well cushioned through the amniotic fluid etc

reikizen Tue 01-Sep-09 15:11:43

Baby will be fine, your bum may be sore! I would only worry if you have any bleeding, cramping etc or you are concerned about lack of movement (very difficult at 20 weeks as they don not yet have a pattern and are still easy to miss). You can certainly go to your antenatal daycare unit (not A&E unless you have a lot of bleeding) if you are worried but all they will do is take a history, have a listen to baby with a sonicaid and make you wait hours to have a doctor tell you to go home! They will not scan you or put you on a monitor. Don't worry, babies are very well protected in there!

michelle89 Tue 01-Sep-09 15:13:04

my babys moving and just gave me a huge kick, think he was telling me off for tripping over, baby seems to be kicking normally and hav alot of movement, does this mean baby is ok? all my midwife said is baby should be ok and not to worry unless i hav any bleeding.

IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Tue 01-Sep-09 15:13:52

I fell at 34 weeks and the hospital didn't want to see me as I had no pain or loss at all, but my mw wanted me to be seen so she told me to call back and say I was having tightenings. I did and was told to go stright in to be checked over!

I have no idea why my mw made me phone, rather than her phone and explain, I suspect to do with politics at one level or another, but if you want to go in to be checked, saying that would probably do the trick!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 01-Sep-09 15:28:28

Lots of movement is only okay if it is what baby normally does.

No bleeding does not always mean all is okay.

If you are concerned just go to hospital, they can't refuse to check you over.

mrswee Tue 01-Sep-09 16:44:20

Poor you! You must feel a bit in shock.

I fell over in the bath earlier in my pregnancy, also landed on my back and side of my bum.... managed to pull the bath away from the wall and the shower curtain rail off the ceiling.

I called my doctor because everything I read said they would want to see me to check me over.
Well he called me back and didn;t want to see me, he just said that babies are very well cushioned and if you fall on your back or bum then it would be very hard to cause any damage. He told me the signs to look out for - any bleeding or leaking fluid or lack of movement call hospital straight away, otherwise he said it would be fine.

If you are concerned you can go to the hospital or even your own doctor and get them to check you over though.

I ended up going to get checked a couple of days later as my baby had a quiet day, everything was fine, I was just very freaked out by what had happened.

jardins Tue 01-Sep-09 17:09:38

How scarey for you! During my last pregnancy I was around 24 weeks when I got knocked down by a moped thingy (driving on the pavement surpringly fast). I really fell with a bump and was so worried and furious. When I told my gynea at the next appointment he seemed remarkably unfazed by my news and told me that the baby is very well cushioned. So don't worry! I'm sure your're fine.

ohnelly Tue 01-Sep-09 18:13:29

I fell down stairs (about 4 from the bottom) when I was pregnant and was naked apart from a dressing gown (which opened!) blush, which was a lovely sight for my DP who shot out of bed to see what the noise was! Cant remember how far gone I was but I was big! and I was fine. Just a bruised bum! I wouldnt worry if you didnt actually hit bump, they are very well protected in there. Try not to worry im sure you and baby will be fine

cassell Tue 01-Sep-09 18:26:47

I lost track of number of times I fell over while I was pg, my balance was just completely out! The worst (potentially) was down a long flight of steps on the tube but luckily I fell on top of a large man grin so was in shock rather than hurt! I panicked every time but every time ds was fine. I also realised that I was instinctively falling in a way where the bump was protected so had bruised hands, knees, bum etc rather than anything more serious. I'm sure you'll be fine - if the baby is moving that is the main thing!

pregnantpeppa Tue 01-Sep-09 21:18:36

This happened to me about 33 weeks pregnant, I did feel movements afterwards but felt they were reduced so went to hosp for a reassaurance scan - all was fine. Think they are well cushioned in there! My main problem was I'd really hurt my cocyxx and couldn't sit down for about 3 weeks! Also the midwife at the hospital seemed to think that I'd been a victim of domestic violence and kept asking me where my husband was when I fell (did you say he was at the bottom or the top of the stairs?) and why didn't he catch me ? hmm

Joeymac Tue 01-Sep-09 21:36:35

I kind of got run over by my Golf when I was 28 weeks preggers. V Steep hill,handbrake not on properly, started to roll and I held the door for a while thinking I could stop it (Doh!) and had to throw myself on stomach whilst car door rolled over me.

No pain but went to A&E straightaway and they were fab. Took me stright to triage and got fetal monitor for about half an hour and all fine. Didn't make me feel like a fanny for coming in and gave me the reassurance I needed.

I would go if you want to be sure (although from what others have posted I'm sure you will be fine) although bear in mind you may have to wait but hey, what price to pay if you have the time!

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