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arrrgh! not the best start to the week!

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mrswee Tue 01-Sep-09 11:22:28

So yesterday I had my 36 week MW app. As some of you may have already read- my baby is now suspected breech and there is talk of my planned natural (as possible) water birth going out the window to a possible CS...

I have been suffering badly from my SPD in the last few weeks in particular, then very early this morning while I couldn't sleep so was doing the washing up and trying to get the house tidy for a MIL visit..... My upper back and neck just went!! Its agony and was what felt like the only part of my body that was still mobile! I burst into tears as soon as my DH got up and came through to the room!

Then I got a call from the doctor's receptionist to say the swab they took on my sore ear last week show I have a fungal and a bacterial infection (sorrry if TMI just before lunch!) and that I need to take antibiotics for it and that I have a prescription waiting for me at the surgery.
Bugger... I've not taken antibiotics for about 4 years! I am a bit stressed about having to take them in pregnancy, but I guess maybe this infection could affect the baby if it's not cleared up before it's born? I have no idea...

Now My MIL is late and wants to meet us in town instead... so could have just left the tidying... plus I have no idea how I can enjoy lunch in this pain!!

and to top it all off, my baby name thread I innocently started the other day has become world war 111 and is a discussion of the day !!

Sorry for the long moan, I just feel shit, I said to my DH earlier that I just want to be put to sleep until the baby born!

I'm trying to see the funny side... there must be one hmm

mrswee Tue 01-Sep-09 11:23:39

sorry should say baby is born!

some one give me pat on the head or a kick up the arse!!

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 01-Sep-09 11:27:41

right - make an appointment with GP or nurse to make sure the ABs are safe to take in pregnancy, don't assume the huge bump gave it away hmm. Also ask what's the harm of not taking them.
If you're not up to lunch can you put it off for another day?
Is there anyone you can see about your back and neck? Have you had a bath / shower?

ZippysMum Tue 01-Sep-09 11:30:16

Pat on the head from me.

<<Hands Mrs Wee hot water bottle for sore back>>

Pregnancy is hard. I also had an ear infection and it was horrid. Sorry you are also having problems with your back / neck.

Can you get MIL to buy lunch in town and bring it round? Last thing I would feel like doing is going out for lunch.

Hope DH is being supportive.

Laughter - oh yes - on another thread someone wrote her birth plan that I thought was ace. It was:

Get him out
Keep carnage to a minimum
Don't tell me if I poo.


mrswee Tue 01-Sep-09 16:10:57

LOL! all birth plans should be that short and to the point!

Thanks everyone!

Right feeling a bit more pro active now, have just returned from lunch - wasn't sooo bad, probably just as sore sitting at home as I would be out.

While I was at lunch I got a call to say I have a positioning scan on Friday, at least then I will know what we are looking at and then can start to get my head around it. Glad I have not had to wait a week or more for the scan, MW said yesterday I might have too.

I also got a call back from the hospital physio saying they can fit me in in the morning tomorrow, so hopefully some help with my back tomorrow as well as the SPD... oh and they are giving me crutches for the SPD... the joy, but at least I will be more mobile!

I didn't have time to pick up my prescription today so I will make sure and call in the morning to get an on the day appointment so I can discuss my options re the antibiotics.

thanks again for all your help, I could not think straight this morning with my back pain!

arolf Tue 01-Sep-09 16:14:56

zippysmum - I was told that my birthplan of 'get him out without killing without killing either of us' was too brief

mrswee - hope all goes well - my positioning scan is on monday, when i'll be 38+1 (and my first day of maternity leave, woohoo!), so am hoping baby stays put until then. it's not much fun, all this waiting around, is it?!

mrswee Tue 01-Sep-09 16:34:02

NO not much fun Arolf!

Good luck with your scan, I hope your baby stays put and is nicely head down!!

I just managed to get my osteopath appointment, that I had booked for friday morning and would have clashed with my scan, brought forward to this evening!
woo hoo...! fingers crossed she can fix whatever happened to my back this morning!!

Things are looking up! I am actually excited about an osteopath appointment blush!

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