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Staceyk Tue 01-Sep-09 11:20:12

Please beware when using Kiddicare, their returns policy is dreadful, I received a Maxi Cosi car seat with a faulty button that would not depress, I called up and I will have to pay to return the item!!! Even though it's faulty.

BennyAndJoon Wed 02-Sep-09 10:51:57

If the goods are faulty I don't think you should have to pay


Sending the goods back
Unless you have bought the goods under a distance selling contract, you won’t have any legal right to send the goods back if you have simply changed your mind. You should refer to that retailer’s return policy and will probably have to pay postage. If the goods have arrived damaged, and you have been offered requested a repair or a replacement, you should not have to pay any further sums of money in this respect. This includes labour, materials or postage. The repair / replacement should take place in ‘reasonable time’ and you should not experience any ’significant inconvenience’, while you are without it/them. For more on this, see our section on Sale of Goods and Returning Damaged or Faulty Goods.

In all respects, you will have greater rights if you had bought them under a distance contract (online, mail order). This is because you didn’t have the opportunity to examine them before they were shipped – to see if they are:

Of satisfactory quality
As described
Fit for intended purpose
Appropriate to your requirements
With this in mind you will have a 7-day cooling off period, during which time you can cancel the contract and get your money back in full (including delivery charges). Unless otherwise specified (for certain types of products), you should be able to send the items back for free, and not incur any additional charges such as a restocking or admin fee. Although many retailers will request products to be returned in a saleable condition in their original packaging, they cannot make it a condition of giving you a refund. For more on returns and refunds under a distance selling contract, see our sections on distance selling and buying online.

from here

BunnyLebowski Wed 02-Sep-09 10:55:15

I bought our travel system and our cot from them.

Luckily both were in perfect condition and have been great bargains BUT on trying to contact them regarding delivery I got a wee taste of their customer service and it was AWFUL.

Decided there and then not to buy anything else from them.

makedoandmend Wed 02-Sep-09 11:05:41

My friend bought a travel cot from them and it didn't lock properly. She called them and they said that it wasn't meant to lock in the way she thought it was (and the way it said it should on the instructions). They then said that if she sent it back and it wasn't faulty then she would have to pay to have it back.

She got on to the manufacturers and they agreed with her that it was faulty but it was a hassle and involved uneccessary phonecalls.

I've avoided them ever since - nice prices but I can't be arsed with companies without great customer service - especially internet companies where you can't examine the goods first.

makedoandmend Wed 02-Sep-09 11:07:13

Re the returns policy - I agree you shouldn't have to pay.

JRocks Wed 02-Sep-09 11:08:00

That's interesting to know, as I've not had any issues with items I've bought from them so have no experience of the customer services.

Broodzilla Thu 03-Sep-09 13:31:23

I bought a baby hammock from them, and had an absolute nightmare trying to pay for it. Their website refused my debit and then my creditcard, giving different excuses each time (wrong address, wrong password etc, and finally asked me to call the fraud team at my bank... later on did the same with DHs credit card) so we ended up paying via Paypal.
TBH, I would've given up if it wasn't for the hammock being in the sale and about 25% cheaper than elsewhere.
Delivery was not "next day" as promised, and we've not had anything resembeling a receipt or proof of purchase despite 4-5 phone calls to their customer services requesting it!

Won't be using them again, I don't care how cheap they are.

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