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Overdue or near dd? Waiting for labour to start.

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holliejobber Tue 01-Sep-09 10:26:57

Hi all. Just thought id start a thread for all those waiting for labour to start and obsessing over any sign that its imminent. I am pg with dc4, and after having other dc late, i am preparing myself for a long wait. Any one else out there?

bunnyfrance Tue 01-Sep-09 11:05:38

Hi there. I'm 39 weeks today, so not yet overdue, but no sign of anything whatsoever! It's my first dc, so have no idea what to expect!

mantaray Tue 01-Sep-09 11:09:59

39 weeks today as well. No signs at all...nothing!
Oh well, the way I look at it is that I have only 19 days left- given that I go to 12 days overdue!

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 01-Sep-09 11:11:33

38+3 here, no signs yet.
Should have stayed at work

AwayWithTheFaries Tue 01-Sep-09 11:40:33

hi im 40+3 with my second ds and getting fed up!
im getting loads of braxton hicks my pelvis hips and thighs ache like anything and i want him out!!!!

Mimile Tue 01-Sep-09 11:42:56

40+6 today - just the occasional painless tightening. Nothing else to report

holliejobber Tue 01-Sep-09 11:56:15

Having braxton hicks too and spd making it difficult to walk. Summer holidays mean i have other 3 dc at home and they are having a rubbish summer thanks to me being practically housebound. Its good to have a moan!

lupa Tue 01-Sep-09 12:27:52

Hi folks. 40+1 according to scan dates, 39+2 according to mine. A few aches in my pelvis, but all quiet otherwise. DP works in a school so is driving me mad hanging around the house all day. He does make good sandwiches though.

mummy2t Tue 01-Sep-09 12:27:55

i am 36 weeks, but other 2 were born early so i always feel like i am on the countdown from 36 weeks. heads 2/5 engaged and i feel like i have a melon wedged somewhere it aint meant to be, god i hope this buba comes soon, so fed up. like you hollie our summer hols have not been to good because i cant get about much. but the kids got chickenpox so that broke the time up abit!
getting really strong BH but nothing else

SabsBigPants Tue 01-Sep-09 12:31:27

I'm 36+2, not due until 26th September, but cannot wait for the baby to arrive! Its my first as well, so like bunnyfrance have absolutely no idea what to expect!

Have started packing hospital bag and using the time off to do a lot of nesting etc

detoxdiva Tue 01-Sep-09 12:40:19

Hi. I'm anywhere between 39+4 and 38+6 depending on scan dates and my dayes so am prepared for it being anytime now, although dd was a week late [hmmm]

Am planning a home water birth so keep looking at the pool

Have been having lots of quite uncomfortable bh contractions this week which I didn't have with dd, so am hoping I won't be waiting much longer

loganberry12 Tue 01-Sep-09 13:37:34

hi im 40+3 weeks pregnant baby was due 29th august, just been to see my midwife and she has done a sweep so hoping things will start soon, this is my 5th child had a 14 year gap since the last. Had a show on friday and back ache and period pains since but nothing else. suffering badly with spd and expecting a 9 1/2 to 10lb baby so very big and fed up fingers crossed the sweep will work.

holliejobber Tue 01-Sep-09 14:04:19

Ahhh 3 people with same dates as me! Wonder who'll be first? Bet its not me. Off to midwife tomorrow so hopefully she'll have a poke around to see if anything is happening. I'll keep you all updated.

LittleRascal Tue 01-Sep-09 14:06:04

hi all. im 40+2 with number 2 who was overdue but 2 weeks- emcs in the end. hoping for a vbac. got a sweep booked for tom morning. so also fingers crossed!
having some period pains and loads or br. hicks. please let this be the start!!

holliejobber Tue 01-Sep-09 14:08:01

Oh forgot to say i am 40+3 by my scan date which was agreed as my edd as by my period dates i am 40+6 and wanted to leave it as long as possible before the pressure to be induced starts!

devonsmummy Tue 01-Sep-09 14:39:34

I'm 38+4 with my 2nd.
Ds was 3 days early so I've convinced myself this one will be early too.
That and the fact my belly feels ready to explode and strangers keep asking if if I'm expecting twins!
I expect all this means I'll go over sad

roslily Tue 01-Sep-09 15:38:04

I.m 40+1 with first and already fed up. I have convinced myself I will be here forever! Not seein midwife til friday either as bank holiday meant I couldn't have a 40 week appointment.

unyummy Tue 01-Sep-09 16:14:50

Well i beat you all i'm 40 + 8 hoping for vbac with a section booked for friday, im trying to be patient but only finally lost it yesterday when the 50th person advised me to have a hot curry after having spent the entire afternoon fending off comments from friends and strangers about how far overdue i was.

UmBongo Tue 01-Sep-09 16:21:00

My ds was 13 days overdue, I was drinking raspberry leaf tea, putting clary sage in my bath and had a reflexology session at 11 days overdue, the reflexologist reckoned that I'd start within 48 hours and bingo. Don't know if any of that helped but he shot out in under 6 hours start to finish (the first hour or so I was in compete denial about being in labour and thought it was wind!) Got to hospital with 25 mins to spare before he arrived!

Good luck to all, anyone desperate I would recommend reflexology highly, apart from anything else you get to sit in a comfy chair and have someone massage your feet! (remember those, I know you won't have seen them for a while, but I promise they are still there! grin)

holliejobber Tue 01-Sep-09 16:27:13

Can you just book in to have reflexology then or do you have to have had a few. Roughly how much is it? Might be worth a try!

UmBongo Tue 01-Sep-09 16:36:48

I just booked for the one session, mine was about £30 for an hour I think, I had got to the try anything stage! Ask your midwife if she knows of anyone local to you, mine gave me the idea.

lupa Tue 01-Sep-09 16:37:59

Oh yes, the curry and sex comments are getting rather annoying. Sex is nigh on impossible, and curry isn't going to do anything for my bran-flakes-and-apple-juice-trying-to-stave-off-piles diet.

breakingnews Tue 01-Sep-09 17:39:31

I am 40+2... getting very fed up with all the texts from people, although trying to remember that its because they care and not as they are trying to be annoying... but honestly I will let them know when baby has arrived...

my mum and my sister are convinced labour won't be for at least another week..

I am now waivering between desperately wanting baby out and pooing my self (not actually) about being a mummy!!!

I've had really strong braxton hicks for about 2 weeks... pressure down below... but the very painful trapped wind has to be the worst, its so painful that I keep thinking it must be a contraction but then it becomes obvious its not....

midwife friday as meant to see yesterday but bank holiday..... fingers crossed for a sweep....

blinder Tue 01-Sep-09 18:26:57

Only 39+4 here but I feel overdue. Does that count?

I have been getting texts asking 'have you any news?' for about a week. Last DS was 14 days over. I am going to get increasingly annoyed with those well-meaning enquiries if this pregnancy carries on for another three weeks. They are all getting the same response: "as soon as anything happens I will let you know."

I keep having dreams that she is already out - then realising I am asleep... again [facepalm].

liger Tue 01-Sep-09 21:21:32

I'm 39+5 with DC3, so due date is Sept 3rd.

It is getting hard keeping two boys entertained and being heavily pregnant (ds1 is 4 and ds2 is 1), but my head isn't quite ready for labour yet either!

We also have a homebirth planned, and the pool is up and ready. Noticed the moon getting fuller tonight and wondered whether that would work for me this time. I was two weeks late with ds1, and a week late with ds2.

Its nice to know others are out there waiting too!

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