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Anaemia and morning sickness in the first trimester

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bodsmum Mon 31-Aug-09 20:13:14

Hi...just wondering if anyone out there who has been through a similar problem to mine..i am in my 10th week of pregnancy with my second child..i have been throwing up since i was a couple of weeks pregnant which has been exhausting coupled with a toddler but then i found i felt very dizzy and noticeably breathless and when i visited in my doctor a month ago to refer me for my hospital booking in he decided it might be worth doing a blood my suprise she believes i have been massively anaemic for many months prior to the pregnancy due to heavy periods..i actually thought the heavy periods were all part of the perimenopause!(i am 39) and also assumed everyone who has a toddler is as knackered as me all the time because obviously tiredness is hard to quantify and i was always on the go and didnt have a chance to dwell on it.i was put onto iron tablets which i took for 2 weeks and the nausea side effects combined with my morning sickness to make me cripplingly ill..i threw up between patients during my last pregnancy(i am a dentist)so i know pain but this has broken me...while taking the tablets i lost my appetite completely,lost almost 5kg(i only weigh 45 to start with) so i gave up them up..the morning sickness is getting worse again so i cant envisage taking them again anytime bad is this for my baby..i expected to feel more relaxed with a second pregnancy but i feel really really miserable and i know from past experience my MS could last another month at least which means a good while before i can deal with the anaemia...will i make it!help!

notevenamousie Mon 31-Aug-09 20:19:41

You sound very similar to someone I know, tho she is a dentist and on (ongoing) pg #2 but 20 weeks now. 1) Get your GP to sign you off. I know your patients need you, but your baby needs you more. 2) Try and get and take the antiemetics. Plenty of time to get the iron down if you really can'tjust now, but in case it's of help there is a liquid called Sytron - look in the BNF. 3) Try here] for specific support.

Hnag in there - you are doing amazingly just to get through the days.

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