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Symptom-spotting for early pg's

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teuch Tue 31-May-05 16:17:45

Hi all,

Just got BFP on 23rd and now about 6 weeks and although I have symptoms I am sure I am imagining them! Also, they are very different from my last pg which ended in m/c.

Have others had different symptoms with different pg's? Also, I don't so much get m/s as feel like I have eaten too much the night before and a faint nausea (I told you they were vague enough to be imaginary!!)

When did your m/s kick in, if at all?

Iklboo Tue 31-May-05 16:24:56

I've never had m/s. At first I felt vaguely nauseous like I'd had a wee bit too much to drink/eat the night before but nothing major. Early symptoms were sore boobs, tiredness and having to go to the loo a lot more than usual for me.

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