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changing hospital at 34 weeks?

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jenhden Sun 30-Aug-09 21:45:20

i was booked to deliver my dd at a hospital out of my area as i had a bad experience at our local one.

However my gran has become seriously ill in icu and my step dad who was going to look after the 3dc is getting a knee replacement at our local hospital and i am 34 weeks (i had 2 of my dd's at 37 weeks)

i think that i need to change to that hospital too now to make sure that i can get there with dh or birth partner and have my dc looked after - it will be a nightmare with me needing to be in a different town altogether.

Have i left it too late to change - am i allowed to - do i have any rights if i'm refused?

lou4791 Sun 30-Aug-09 22:02:57

The choice of hospital is yours and yours alone. I changed my hospital at 37 weeks. I called the hospital i was originally booked at to ask how to arrange the change and was told that my community midwife needed to sort it out. So at my next midwife appointment my midwife called the hospital whilst I was there and organised it all easily. good luck with everything.
Lou x

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