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worried - expecting DC3 and boobs not grown a bit!

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Joeymac Sun 30-Aug-09 20:07:11

Bit worried - looking for some reassurance:

DS1 - guessed I was preggers at about 9 weeks (quite irregular) from the fact boobs got huge quite early on really sore and itchy.

DS2 - no soreness but boobs grew fairly instantly

DC3 - 9 and a half weeks now - had private scan today and baby all looking OK with heartbeat. Boobs haven't responded though. Same size as before and not sore.

NB - Breastfed both boys and boobs returned to pre-pregnancy size after.

Do you think they have just given up and can't be arsed to grow till later on as they've taken a battering over the last 3 years or do you think it's a bad sign?

ThePhantomPlopper Sun 30-Aug-09 20:16:55

I think every pregnancy is different and I wouldn't worry.

DS - No change in size, no pain.

DD - Same as above.

DC3 - SO sore but same size.

SadCatlady Sun 30-Aug-09 20:38:06

Maybe it's a girl this time and the girl hormones are affecting you differently? smile

lumpasmelly Mon 31-Aug-09 08:04:03

I'm on DC3 and my boobs haven't changed at all either (though was first symptom with DS1 and DS2)....DH is most dissappointed!!!!

Joeymac Mon 31-Aug-09 20:39:33

Despite being worried on the 'is everything ok' front, I'm secretly pleased as I'm starting from a 30G and they went up to 34G in both pregancies and a 32J after feeding. being 5ft1" and about a size 10 normally it all gets a bit unmanageable. I have been called an easter egg on legs when I'm pregnant cos of all the round lunps going on out front.

Secretly hoping for a girl and have been timing ovulation and intercourse like a military battle in an attempt to get one but know I have a 75% chance of another little man.

tostaky Tue 01-Sep-09 12:43:54

Im pregnant with number two and my boobs have not been sore at all and havent grown either... im only 9+5 though but last time they grew and were sore from the day i was late.
trying not too think too much of it and waiting patiently for my 12 weeks scan...

Neeko Tue 01-Sep-09 13:39:31

I'm ten weeks today. Mine felt fuller at the beginning but didn't really grow. Fullness has gone now and is freaking me out as that was my first symptom of MMC last time. They are still veiny blush though and nipples ocassionally sensitive <clutching at straws> I'm having a scan on Thursday and I'm petrified. Has this happened to anyone with a positive outcome?

bethoo Tue 01-Sep-09 13:51:11

i am on my third and my boobs were not sore or bigger, it is only now at 22 weeks pregnant that they are painfully sore and gone up a size. i had only been off bf 2 months before falling pregnant so suspected that may have made a difference but maybe since your body has been through it before it already knows what it has to do so can delay milk production iykwim.

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