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AnotherHelen Tue 31-May-05 14:36:29

It seems a bit daft since this is my third baby, but i feel this babies movements are very big!?! im nearly 24 weeks and this baby is already giving me some MAJOR shoves and kicks! i have the worst form of pregnancy brain fog ever so cant remember if this was the same with my other 2 pregnancies, baby is kick-boxing as we speak and occasionally almost winds me! -very very happy i have a happy active baby but just wandering if its a sign of a mega huge baby in the making?

Toothache Tue 31-May-05 14:39:30

lol AH - It could just mean that previously the placenta cushioned some of the major blows! Maybe this time the placenta is in a totally different place.

I got terrible kicks around that time as my baby was lying transverse! I was getting pummelled on both hips.


AnotherHelen Tue 31-May-05 14:53:10

LOL thanks toothache! good point about the placenta - might well be waht it is! my first baby was 10lber and im just wandering if im busy making another! both hips? - ouch!! poor you! xxxx

Chuffed Tue 31-May-05 16:36:19

dd was really active, danced, responded to applause, seriously thought she was going to be a boy as she basically played the world cup but apparently girls are more 'kicky'?

AnotherHelen Tue 31-May-05 17:15:28

Thats interesting chuffed! i have 2 boys so would like a little girl! xx

MommyD Tue 31-May-05 18:26:01

I am on my third pregnancy and like you noticed MAJOR movement from very early on. I feel that this baby is very big and strong. Spoke to my consultant about all the movement and she said that it was due to position of placenta and the fact that it is the third baby - the baby has more room and everything is a bit stretched... I feel really betaen up by the baby most of the time!

AnotherHelen Wed 01-Jun-05 12:07:10

Me too! my insides are hurting! he/she is still at it! im beggining to think i have eaten something that has made her hyper! i have been booted and punched all day yesterday and all night last night and she is till going strong! - little monkey im sure he/she is trying to break out! are you supposed to be a little more sensitive to the movements then by your third mommyd? i never really thought about it like that - i guess it would make some sense though! - ive been booted in the stomach so many times now im starting to feel nauseus lol! xxx

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