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Orangey/yellow discharge

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sahara78 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:29:40

I normally get greensih discharge which I know to be normal, but all today its been orangey yellow - anyone had anyexperience of this

I am just over 11 weeks pregnant

Should I call the midwife on Tuesday - typical it happens over the bank holiday

JRocks Sun 30-Aug-09 17:35:41

do you have an on call mw number or out of hours gp service? I'd call that. Could be nothing, or maybe BV?

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 30-Aug-09 17:37:44

I didn't think a green discharge was normal? Sorry I may be wrong but.....

sahara78 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:43:23

Its not green green - just a greenish tint - i think that is normal - well I have been having for weeks now and I got it around certain times of the month when not pregnant - it doesn't smell or anything.

I have mentioned it my Dr and he's not concerend have been tested for sti's and others soooo...

Anyway I am more concerned that orangey yellow is not normal for me

barbie1 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:47:00

hi sahara i have had yellow/ orange discharge from about week 8 to week 4 months now. Went to gp and had everything tested, its normal....hmm or so she said!

Its due to your cervix being slightly aggitated which causes a very very smalll amount of bleeding, mixed with normal discharge it starts to look orange, hope this helps.

sahara78 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:53:24

Aaahhh - thanks for that - was worried about infection or something.

Will prob check it out with the midwife to be safe - but thats made me feel better - thanks

barbie1 Sun 30-Aug-09 17:55:19

no probs smile

Issy42 Mon 31-Aug-09 13:51:50

Sahara - I googled orange discharge before for someone else asking the same question. Read that it was normal in pregnancy.

Issy42 Mon 31-Aug-09 13:54:17

Oh and I had the green tinged cm with my first pregnancy from about 3 weeks until mc at 5 weeks and then went back to normal. Haven't got it this time though, guess each pregnancy is different.

sahara78 Tue 01-Sep-09 20:32:13

Thanks Issy,

Its seems to have returned to its normal greenish tinge now.

Tried to call the midwife today - but alas no answer or call back.

I feel better now it has gone - just worried there was an infection or something

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