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When did your morning/all bloody day sickess let up? :-(

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LeeWT Sun 30-Aug-09 13:17:12

Hi all just wondering how many weeks you were when ms eased? Am only just 8 wks and have awful all day nausea. No puking which might actually help. With dd the sickness wasn't quite as bad but didn't go away til 14-16wks don't know how I could last that long feeling like I do :-(

grin Sun 30-Aug-09 13:24:24

Oh your pain is felt smile. If it's any help I had it worse this time too, terrible nausea and it was about 14 wks it eased off. I thought I'd never make it through but thanks to salt and vinegar crisps I did. Eat whatever you fancy whenever you fancy it I reckon. Hope you feel better soon.

Fruitpastels Sun 30-Aug-09 13:24:58

My 'all day' nausea and being sick 2-3 times a day eased when I was 16 weeks. It was dreadful and a lot worse in this pg than with DS. I feel for you. Try not to let yourself go without food as it can make MS much worse. It will soon be over - I feel for you.

Chooster Sun 30-Aug-09 14:43:34

About 14 weeks or 16 weeks for me - my MS got worse wiht each pregnancy - not sure if that was because I just didn't have time to relax after the first... Good luck, eat and drink as much as you can and rest - the time will pass by but it probably feels like an eternity at the moment. Good luck!

LeeWT Sun 30-Aug-09 19:14:54

Thanks for all the replies .. Sounds like 14wks at best. Would love couple weeks off work :-( good luck to all the other ms sufferers!

jennifersofia Sun 30-Aug-09 20:01:42

I feel for you. Mine was about 12/13 wks for all three pregnancies, and sickness was similar to yours. Only thing that helped was to eat little and often.
It will go!

katster37 Sun 30-Aug-09 20:06:00

Hmm, it's not fun, is it? Mine began easing around 16 weeks but was still there mildly until around 22 weeks. Yuck. Am sure it will be worth it though. And everyone told me I was a freak so I am sure most people's ends a lot sooner.

Wonderstuff Sun 30-Aug-09 20:10:28

Mine got better at about 18 weeks but never went completely. Its so miserable isn't it. I couldn't face work and spent 4 weeks on the sofa when it was at its worse sad Hope yo9u are feeling better soon. Chewy rennies were the only thing that stopped me throwing up..

sunnybump Mon 31-Aug-09 13:54:22

This is my first pregnancy and I was shocked by how awful ms can be blush. Mine went at about 12 weeks, which was such a relief as like you it was all day nausea. My ms was definitely worse at 8ish weeks so you might be past the worst.

It will pass...

MrsSeanBean Mon 31-Aug-09 14:03:05

About 14 weeks for me I think. I really sympathise, it is dreadful.

I am not looking forward to a second pregnancy. I felt sick, was sick, still felt sick. It was vile.

And to cope with it when you have a dc to contend with must be almost indescribable.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

LeeWT Mon 31-Aug-09 15:09:56

Hopefully this is the worst of it sunnybean.. Thank god it's the bank holiday I put poor dd into nursery and am lying in bed in a heap :-(

developing new hatred for those who haven't been sick and haven't put weight on grrrrr ;-)

time for chocolate methinks!

franklymydear Mon 31-Aug-09 15:16:55

dd1 at 18 weeks
ds1 didn't have any
ds2 at 14 weeks
dd2 at 22 weeks


ginger chews I've found to be good since

freudianslips Mon 31-Aug-09 18:52:22

DD at 14 weeks, ugh.

This one - still going strong at 12 weeks +. Coping with it in conjunction with wrangling a toddler has been hellish. I hope it goes in the next couple of weeks ...

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