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Antenatal appointments - how often are yours

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Southwestwhippet Sun 30-Aug-09 13:11:03

I had one at 5 weeks and another at 9 weeks (second one was because they said they had come too early at 5 weeks to fill in the notes properly). So technically I SHOULD have just had the one at 7 weeks. Then I was seen at 14 weeks and my next appointment is not until 26 weeks. Is this normal? I'm not too bothered really but as I want a homebirth, I would like the chance to get to know my midwife. Internet says that once every 4 weeks after week 12 is average, but I'm being offered considerably less than that.

I don't have MW phone number, if I had a worry on the weekend I would have to call NHS direct. I have also seen two different midwifes have been told might be someone else at my next appointment. The first midwife was a 'bank' midwife. It all seems a bit hapzhazard.

I live in a rural area, not a busy inner city and I'm feeling a little bit unsupported. The first MW I saw was horrible, spoke only to my mother (who was there with me) and made it clear she was not keen on answering questions around 'options' outside of the standard NHS procedure. She also talked a fair amount of rubbish. Second MW was more pleasant but very brief/proffesional. We were in and out in 10mins.

Perhaps I am expecting too much (tell me if I am) but I hear lots of stories about "oh, my MW is great', "she's always on the end of the phone"' "she's so supportive" and it sounds like a foreign breed!

What are your experiences?

ShowOfHands Sun 30-Aug-09 13:25:02

Rural area here. I had one at 8 weeks, scan at 12 weeks, mw at 16 weeks, scan at 20 weeks, mw at 24 weeks, so yes a similar pattern really.

I never had my midwife's number, just the medicom number. I wanted a homebirth too but we didn't discuss that until I was 36 weeks as it's dependent on a healthy pregnancy. My appointments were very quick too until past 37 weeks when my midwife came to my house as I wanted a homebirth and stayed for tea and cake. Also, I knew that there were 8 midwives in our local area and no guarantee of who would attend the labour. I was in labour for 2 days, saw 4 midwives, none of them my own. Had never met any of them before.

Sorry you've been disappointed with your care. Sounds horrid.

turtle23 Sun 30-Aug-09 13:30:19

It's my second and am planning a homebirth. Midwives have decided to stick to the 1st time schedule for me as they have not been given up to date info on how many appts and are scared of paperwork not being right.
This means I had booking in at 10 weeks, then 13, 17, 21, 25, 28 then three weekly til 35 then every two weeks. HTH

Southwestwhippet Sun 30-Aug-09 13:31:09

Ahh, I suppose it is partly because I didn't have the 12 week scan that I feel a bit forgotten! I was wondering if they were giving me the minimum because I am being a 'difficult' patient (wanting all sorts of unreasonable things like home water births, no dating scan etc etc)

Southwestwhippet Sun 30-Aug-09 13:33:04

Also as this is my first, I am pretty unsure about whether things are going 'right'. turtle didn't know there could be a 'first time' schedule. Sounds rather more rigorous than my first time one grin

MoragG Sun 30-Aug-09 19:44:38

I am at 18 weeks + 3. So far I have had one appointment (booking appt. including scan) and that's it. My first ante-natal appt. is not until week 20. I don't get another scan. Nor do I have a number for a specific midwife. So it sounds to me like what you have had so far is not too bad :-)

MiniMilk0610 Mon 31-Aug-09 09:18:19

This is my 2nd pg. Had booking in appt at 10weeks, scan at 13 weeks, mw appt at 16 weeks, scan at 20 weeks then think I will have mw appts at 24 wks, 28wks, 31 wks, 35 wks, 38 wks and 41 wks if I go over again.

Do have my midwife's number, I'm lucky that she is lovely, although she's not very reliable at getting back to me (understatement!! grin) so if I had a more serious problem I'd call my local MLU where I'm planning to give birth.

glasgowlass Mon 31-Aug-09 09:32:31

I had booking appt and scan at 13 weeks.
MW at 21 weeks, then again 28, 31,34,36,38 and 39 weeks. Only one scan.

Didnt have MW number, only number in notes for day care and labour suite. I did have a scare at 27 weeks and had to phone NHS24(Scottish version of NHS direct)

MamaLazarou Mon 31-Aug-09 12:59:55

So far I've just had the standard brief check-ups at 10 and 16 weeks, plus one scan at 12 weeks and my 20-week one next week. I have no idea what the MW's phone number is, but don't think I need it - everything is fine.

I am planning a home birth, but no-one has asked me yet and I think it's just been assumed that I will go to the local hospital! Not on your nelly mate!

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