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Where can I buy castor oil?

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Lua Tue 31-May-05 13:35:46

Ok, I know some people don't recomend it. But my mind is made, and I want to try it tonight since I have a hospital induction scheduled for tomorrow. The problem is.. I can't find it anywhere to by it! Any suggestions???

Loobie Tue 31-May-05 13:39:19

where abouts are you? try a small local chemist and dont go buy it yourself as they will refuse to sell it to you,get someone else to go.And for what its worth i took it all three times and was in labour within 6 hours and delivered within the next 6 hours .

northerner Tue 31-May-05 13:40:10

My friend bought it from our local pharmacy at ASDA.

FWIW she regretted it later.

starlover Tue 31-May-05 13:41:36

i know someone who used it and made herself VERY ill.

is it really worth it?

snafu Tue 31-May-05 13:42:55

You could try a big supermarket pharmacy. It's not a terribly nice way to start labour off though (imo).

How far over are you?

Thomcat Tue 31-May-05 13:49:50

I did it and didn't regret it and would do it again. My 3 friends who all did it didn't regret it either. It worked a treat for all 4 of us.

i got my DP to get it for me as didn't think they'd sell it to a heavily pregnant woman. he got it from the chemist.
i mixed it with orange juice and downed the lot.

Good luck.

Azure Tue 31-May-05 13:55:43

I also got DH to get it, as Boots refused to sell it to me. DH's first attempt was coming home with cod liver oil! I also took it with orange juice. I have very mixed feelings about taking it - it did bring on labour; however, the baby was AP and I had a difficult time. No idea whether it was due to taking castor oil or not. Best of luck anyway!

Thomcat Tue 31-May-05 14:27:11

I had a very easy birth. Took oil at 7ish, mild contractions at 10ish (no awful stomach cramps inbetween just a bit of a clear out that I was grateful for!) At hospital at 2ish baby delivered with 1 midwife present, no drugs, no stitches, at 3.57am.

NomDePlume Tue 31-May-05 14:28:28

I bought it over the counter at a tesco pharmacy. It didn't work for me though, just gave me the trots.

Thomcat Tue 31-May-05 14:42:53

I've never heard of it not working, you poor thing
How overdue were you. I was 10 days over.

NomDePlume Tue 31-May-05 14:54:43

TC, I wasn't overdue, just fed up of being very heavily pregnant in high summer ! Thankfully DD arrived a week and a half later. Phew !

ggglimpopo Tue 31-May-05 14:56:47

Message withdrawn

Thomcat Tue 31-May-05 15:03:54

Aha, i firmly believe that you have to be overdue for it to work. My mate tried it when she wasn't overdue and it didn't work. Then she went 3 days over, tried again and hey presto, bubs arrived that night.

With regard to keeping the oil down, makes me want to wretch now, but the need to have my baby without being induced was so strong that it wasn't a problem!

I made sure I'd had a restful day, a lovely Sunday roast, was relaxed and bag packed and ready to go etc, and then got on with drinking it down.

I'll be doing it again rather than be induced.

tamula Tue 31-May-05 15:06:49

Boots - If they give you any jip say your midwife recommended it.

Good luck!

Loobie Tue 31-May-05 17:23:43

with regards being overdue- i wasnt with any my three,
no.1 was 2 weeks early took oil at 9pm inot labour by 11pm baby born at 3am.

No.2 was 3 weeks early took oil at 8pm into labour for 12 and baby born at 7am.

No.3 was 2 weeks early took oil at 5 pm into labour about 10pm,established at 3am baby born at 7am.
They were all massive children and i had had it with carrying them round,they were 8lb, 8lb 13oz, and 8lb 4oz so more than cooked,overdone i would say.

HappyMumof2 Tue 31-May-05 18:04:39

Message withdrawn

Lua Tue 31-May-05 22:09:37

Thanks everyone. did find it in a local chemist - was looking mostly in boots, where I did not find it.
I'll hopefully let you know soon how it worked out tomorrow. With DD it worked in 6 hours! and I wasn't sick at all. Let's ope it works the same magic this time around...

tamula Wed 01-Jun-05 11:16:03

should have said, you have to ask for it in boots, its behind the counter

Loobie Wed 01-Jun-05 17:36:11

Well any news lua or should i start watching the birth announcements instead of here??

busyalexsmummy Wed 01-Jun-05 17:48:53

I really think you should think twice beofre trying it, its very very dangerous, I did it with ds beofre I was very clued up on it, it didnt work, it just gave me the sh*ts and stomach cramps for 48 hrs and i didnt end up giving birth for 2 weeks after.
I wouldnt try it again nor would i recommend it, just think-you could take it, your baby could pass meconium inside you, you probably wouldnt know, your baby could end up with serious respiratory problems or even die-how bad would you feel?? just in haste to get baby out-at the end of the day the baby will come when it wants to and there are many more safe alternatives than castor oil- pinapple/curry/long walk/sex- why not try some of these

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