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Am I still pregnant, is the pregnancy ectopic or is the baby dead??...Am really confused :(

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amistillpregnant Sat 29-Aug-09 22:53:00


I have name-changed but please go easy on me...

I found out on 12th August that I was pregnant. I am around 8 and a half weeks. I was obviously in shock and was suffering some pelvic pain. I went to see the doctor the next day and they referred me up to the hospital for a scan.

I went up for a normal and transvaginal scan and some blood tests on Thursday. It has since emerged that I have a cyst on my right ovary measuring 25.6 mm with irregular septations and a 'well circumscribed, thick walled area, measuring 12.7 mm with a sonolucent (sp) centre measuring 6 mm on my left ovary. ( I asked for a copy of the sonographer's notes)

Anyway, the last bit of the report says 'At this scan, this examination is unable to exclude ectopic pregnancy, an early intrauterine pregnancy or a co-existing pregnancy. However, in the correct clinical context, appearances are suspicious of an ectopic pregnancy'. I was quite upset and thought that basically, the pregnancy had ended. They did another pregnancy test to test my HCG level and said that it should double in 48 hours.

I went to see my GP yesterday, who said that the pregnancy could still be viable, it might just be that the sonographer didn't pick the baby up on the scan. She examined me for a good hour, so surely something would have shown?

I went for a further blood test today at the hospital to see whether my HCG levels had gone up, they certainly hadn't doubled and had only gone up a little bit.

The doctor rang me back earlier to explain that either a) the baby isn't growing properly, b) it's growing in the wrong place or that c) it might not be alive. I tried to question him further and he rightly said, that they would need to re-scan me in a few days time to see what's happening and also to take some more blood tests in two days time.

I am so confused. I just don't know how to feel. sad

LeeWT Sat 29-Aug-09 23:43:17

Hi I don't really know what to say but didn't want to leave this unanswered.. I'm so sorry to hear of your pain there is nothing nothing worse in this world than not knowing whether the bean you love is alright..

I hope you know one way or another and there's plenty of support one way or another.. Xx

piprabbit Sun 30-Aug-09 00:01:18

I so sorry you are going through this - I had a similar experience a couple of years ago.

It is a horribly confusing time, doctors don't seem to be able to give black and white answers and I found myself hoping against hope (or reason) and then getting terribly upset and generally wobbling back and forth in a bit of an emotional mess.

Trying to juggle the tests and checks is emotionally draining too, so I hope that you get things resolved soon.

Don't worry about not knowing how to feel - noone is judging you or your reactions. Don't rush yourself, and give yourself plenty of time.

Neeko Sun 30-Aug-09 09:15:48

Sorry to hear you're going through this. It must be a terribly stressful time. I hope you get some answers at your next scan. Remember you are stronger than you think. Take care.

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