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2nd time Huge!

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Suslik Sat 29-Aug-09 17:01:37

Hi, it's my second pregnancy, not long after the first one. And i am so big this time round - i think i look about two month bigger, well at least 1.5 month bigger than last time! Is this normal? My pregnancy workout teacher says 'your body just knows what to do' but i think she is way too nice about it. Anyone else in the same boat?

tink08 Sat 29-Aug-09 17:33:03

hi i got a lot bigger sooner with this one (DD2 ) but now i'm 28 weeks i seem to have 'evened out' and bang on for dates grin
I think most women show earlier and get bigger sooner with second or more pregnancies due to everything already being stretched etc wink
congrats and good luck smile

LeeWT Sat 29-Aug-09 17:56:42

TOTALLY!! i am only 8 weeks have put on maybe 2-3 pounds but have a pronounced bump. there arent enough long cardigans in the world to get me through to 12 weeks and dh is worried its twins!! how far along are you?

becaroo Sat 29-Aug-09 18:08:12

God yes! ds1; pregnancy clothes at 26 weeks; ds2; pregnancy clothes at 10 weeks!!! I wont tell you how much weight I out on though - it would traumatise you too much! grin

Biglips Sat 29-Aug-09 18:12:22

how far are u suslik? as i was huge with dd1 all the way, dd1 was 9.1lbs - 12 days late, but with dd2 i was showing very early and i looked bigger at 4 months with dd2 than dd1. dd was 9.3 and a half lbs 9 days late.

Roscat Sat 29-Aug-09 21:14:15

Hi, I'm 10 wks into my 2nd pregnancy and am already into maternity clothes, feeling extremely fat. I didn't show for ages with ds but with this one I'm starting to wonder if people are noticing. It doesn't help as I've been eating loads to ward off the sickness which hits me when hungry.

Suslik Sun 30-Aug-09 10:47:54

Thanks ladies! I am 19 weeks now. Still hoping to 'even out' as things progress. Put on more weight than first time but i think the showing is dis-proportionate to the weight gain. People started to notice at 2 months! Had to tell work earlier than last time and now it's so obvious - last time was not obvious until at least a few weeks from now.

Oh well, just hope to lose the weight afterwards...

Clothes are a problem - last time i started wearing them later and baby was due two months later, so i am out of sync with the season. thought that once you bought pregnancy clothes you can reuse them - still having to add on some bits as i can't really get into my autumn things just yet - so nice outside (not complaining).

LaDiDaDi Sun 30-Aug-09 21:02:44

So pleased to have found this thread!

I'm massive this time compared with dd and I seen to be getting bigger faster iyswim. I'm 23 weeks now and I think I look about 4-5 weeks bigger than I did with dd. I've gained a stone so far which is heaps for me.

pattymc Thu 10-Sep-09 13:38:41

I'm 26 weeks and look almost as big as I was full term with ds1. I know it's a bit silly to worry and should just relax and be happy no other problems but have to say it's really bothering me, I feel like a pressure cooker by end of day and I think I'm just concerned that I am going to get bigger and bigger - not eating masses, just normal really but seem to be gaining weight each I going to explode?! prehaps I need to do more exercise but much more tired this time too so no energy

Momdeguerre Thu 10-Sep-09 19:55:07

So delighted I have found this thread!

I am 9 weeks with number two and feeling bumpy already - been desperately trying to avoid maternity clothes and having to tell work till after our scan but I am certain someone is going to notice I can't do up the belt on my uniform!!!

Thought I was just imagining it - was desperate to show last time and equally desperate to hide it this time!!

Very glad to hear that it is not that unusual!

Yzzil Fri 11-Sep-09 09:59:05

I'm 35 weeks with number two and measuring the same size I was full term with DD. I put it down to doing loads of Pilates last time and nothing since then!

At 10 weeks a work colleague came up to me and asked "is your secret still a secret" blush so you're not alone!

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