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Something productive is happening

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Deeeja Sat 29-Aug-09 15:32:26

Ok, went to the loo last night, around 3 or 4 times for a poo, was not runny or anything, so just glad getting rid of the back log lol.
Today had had some mucous plug and have had period type pains, which are bearable, and come in waves. Have decided to pack bag, though could be a couple of weeks yet. Hopefully.
Just had to share, because a little bit excited now. Trying to be sensible though, should know better than getting excited over every twinge, is my 5th.
Ah sod it, am excited!grin

Deeeja Sat 29-Aug-09 15:34:03

Am in week 37, forgot to mention.

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Aug-09 15:37:19

Oooh that sounds exciting!

I'm 38 weeks and feel sooooooooo normal (well, normal in an uncomfortable walrus sort of a way).

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