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Single Uterine Artery and High Beta HCG Level

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nikki1978 Fri 28-Aug-09 17:51:07

This is a question for a good friend of mine who is currently 22 weeks pregnant. When she was 13 weeks they detected a high beta hcg level which they said could indicate problems so they gave her a CVS (this one only tested for 3 conditions including downs syndrome). That came back all clear. Then yesterday she went for her second scan and the sonographer said the baby looked fine except she had single uterine artery but as there was no other probs with scan not to worry.

My friend googled this when she got home and found this and freaked out:-

So she called the hospital this morning and the midwife told her not to worry but then said her name was familiar and that a letter was being sent out to her refering her to a consultant as this was "out of their remit". She is now convinced there is something very wrong so I thought maybe someone on here has some experience of this to help put her mind at rest. They are doing another scan in 7 weeks to check the growth.

lilysam Fri 28-Aug-09 17:57:46

My son had this and he is absolutley fine. We found this out when he was born, i google it in hospital and scared myself silly (we'd already lost a daughter to chromosone problems with Edwards syndrome).

The scanned him when he was born to make sure his kidneys were working and that was all.

I'm not sure if this came up at our scan, especially as they were looking for evidence of edwards again. I had been told though that if they only see one marker they don;tsay anything as its normally nothing. Its of you get 2 or more they start and be concerned.

Hope this is of some help. You friend is best of speaking to her consultant for more advice. She should see if she can book an appointment before this next scan.

lilysam Fri 28-Aug-09 17:58:36

sorry for pants typing!

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