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is it normal for the last few weeks to be so hard when you have other dc?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Fri 28-Aug-09 14:57:51

I am 37+3 and pretty well house bound. Everything hurts, getting from sitting to standing, walking, lifting anything at all, it all ends up in super tight and painful braxton hicks and shooting pains in my pubic area (midwife said mild SPD).

My first arrived at 39 weeks and I was active to the end. My next dd arrived at 35 weeks so I never got that big. dd2 is disabled and I have to do loads of lifting, we can't go out anymore as just lifting her in and out of the car yesterday to go shopping left me in agony.

I feel so massive, can't believe I was ever this big with dd1. Have baskets of wet washing I desperately want to get on the line but can't lift the basket out to the garden. Can't believe I could have 3 or 4 more weeks of this. sad.

naturelover Fri 28-Aug-09 16:13:04

I sympathise. I only have one DC aged 2 and I don't have SPD though I am starting to get quite painful BHs and shooting pains in groin (baby engaged?) I'm 39 weeks.

I enjoyed my first pregnancy but this one has been awful. I never realised how physically strenuous it was looking after a toddler and the house (constant bending, lifting, reaching). I'm also at the stage where a basket of laundry or a bag of shopping are too much for me to handle. I was really active last time so it's frustrating to feel this constrained.

You may well have baby before 40 weeks, hopefully this won't last too much longer. Everyone says how much better you feel as soon as the baby is born. I'm certainly pinning my hopes on that! I admire you - I won't be having a 3rd!

Have you got any help at all? I don't except a cleaner twice a month. The place is a mess but at least total squalor is kept at bay by the cleaner. DH works long hours, thank goodness it's the long weekend. An extra day with him around will give me (hopefully) an opportunity to take it easy.

Good luck.

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