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Support socks for long car journeys

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MiniLlace Fri 28-Aug-09 14:57:39

My DH has been doing yet more reading about pregnancy - we are off driving in France in just over two weeks when i will be 32 weeks. He has read that on long car journeys it is advisable to wear support socks to stop swelling of the legs/feet .... Ive never heard this before - and TBH its not the best of looks. Have others heard of it / done it / would recommend it ? .. or should i ignore him and try and look a little more glam than the Nora Battey look he obviously has planned for me ! thanks

rubyslippers Fri 28-Aug-09 15:00:49

don't be glam - the risk of DVT is higher in pregnant women so ANY long journey is a potential issue (plane, train or car) - anywhere you are cramped and sitting for long periods basically

i would get a pair of well fitting flight socks

stop frequently

drink pleny of water

rotate ankles and wriggle your toes as well

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