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plus size maternity wear

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bigmuther65 Fri 28-Aug-09 14:52:05

im a uk size 26 and don't know what to do when i need maternity clothes as most shops only go to a 22 any ideas anyone blush

Hangingbellyofbabylon Fri 28-Aug-09 14:59:24

Simplybe - not a massive selection but genuinely plus sized and super comfy - it's what I'm living in!

Deemented Sat 29-Aug-09 06:56:01

I know Evans used to do a plus size maternity range. Can't seem to find it online, but you may be able to find bits on ebay.

ninemonthsandcounting Thu 24-Nov-11 23:52:01

try mojo maternity online xxx

fhdl34 Fri 25-Nov-11 18:38:53

I'm a uk size 30/32 so know where you're coming from. I bought some very floaty, long tops in 32 and for the button down nightwear for breastfeeding, simply be and simply yours do some nightshirts that button all the way down to the bottom and some pjs. I bought a colossal size 34/36 in those because I'm very big busted and shirts normally pull on me so I wanted the next size up so they weren't pulling across my boobs - thankfully my mother is dab hand on the sewing machine and sewed new elastic into them so the bottoms actually fit now instead of falling down (she also converted all my bras into nursing bras because I couldn't find them in my size - 48k - anywhere in this country or the US!). I've managed to get away with size 32 trousers and in most clothes but I've not actually put any weight on at all throughout my pregnancy (lost 7lb in first term and have just put that back on again, now 36+2) so that has helped. I'm expecting all my clothes to not fit once baby comes out smile
I think bon prix also do some maternity clothes online up to size 30 but quite expensive IMO. Good luck

KatAndKit Sat 26-Nov-11 18:58:57

Bonprix online has some really really cheap maternity clothes up to size 32. I got a dress from them for a tenner. Not much by way of trouser choice, but excellent for jersey dresses, and maternity tops. There are some tops on sale for about a fiver on their site at the moment.

nannyn Sat 26-Nov-11 19:08:10

Try these;

It's not always a full range of sizes but they do get stuff in from 20+ also ebay has lot's of stuff from the US if you don't mind postage.

nannyn Sat 26-Nov-11 19:10:03

Sorry I've not added those properly but DD is calling, will do later

gemstarmum Wed 24-Oct-12 23:02:34

after much deliberatling I ordered some jeans from tall maternity store for my friend Jo tonight who has 36 inch pins! The OWNER even rang me to check the sizing and tell me the order woule be sent out tomorrow morning, how canny is that! I wouldnt expect that from the huge retailers! Will post some feedback when they arrive (jo's feedback) x

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