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Prenatal depression

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Comma2 Thu 27-Aug-09 22:52:18


I think I have prenatal depression, just being terribly down and cry-ie for weeks already when I should really be happy. triggered by retinal surgery, but it went well as far as it goes, so surly not a reason to sink down under? Anybody else has prenatal depression? I think I have to speak with my doc as its getting to the point where I am scared it affects unborn babe besides of not taking exactly optimal care of my poor 18-month old darling daughter, but am afraid of taking weird meds during pregnancy (I'm 30 weeks).

sheepgomeep Thu 27-Aug-09 23:20:54

hi I had prenatal depression too.

I felt very down for weeks when I was pg with dd2. I'm prone to bouts of depression anyway but I think what triggered it was my dad was very ill and I had 2 other children to support,a dodgy rleationship with dp plus 2 stepchildren and I felt very overwhelmed.

I was actually admitted to hospital at one point as I started to self harm and had very negative thoughts about harming the kids too.

They wouldn't give me meds although I think they should have done. I did eventually get better, I got out in the fresh air as much as I could and dp made sure I had some time to myself

do you get a lot of support at home?

I feel for you, prenatal depression is as widely recognised as post natal depression and it should be.

sheepgomeep Thu 27-Aug-09 23:22:17

sorry meant to say NOT as widely recognised

Marrenon Thu 27-Aug-09 23:32:56

sheep, lovely honest post,

i had it and it did get the better of me at times,

it still does now and she is a year old sad

i wish so much i could have had a 'normal, happy' pregnancy,

have to talked to anyone else?

ErikaMaye Thu 27-Aug-09 23:55:44

I don't have prenatal depression, but I do suffer from BPD (Borderline Personaility Disorder) and can say that it has been very heavily affected by pregnancy, especially the last trimester.

I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling low, can sympathise entirely Have you spoken to your midwife or GP about it?

As for medication - I have been assured that although taking any medication is never entirely risk free, once you are past the seven week mark with pregnancy, you are pretty much safe. The way my doctor put it to me was that, frankly, I was more of a risk to my baby off my meds than I was on them. I have been on 20mgs of Prozac now for about 20 days, and although it is still getting into my system, and is only a third of the dosage I was on before it has helped a little.

I really hope you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you. x

colditz Fri 28-Aug-09 00:02:16

I had it. I felt suicidal,hysterical and unreal. I took prozac from month 6 of pregnancy. Ds2 is fine.

Go to yourdoctorand try to eat well. Breakfast helps a little.

ErikaMaye Fri 28-Aug-09 00:06:53

Oh yes - Colditz's post reminded me. Eating well really does help. Super foods, like blueberries, are fab for lifting your mood, even just a little.

Comma2 Fri 28-Aug-09 01:34:56

Food is good, just I have no appetite whatsoever so its hard. No family around, both a blessing and a curse. Friends were on vacation, which very much didn't help.

I haven't talked to my doc yet, but will call tomorrow, though will surely not take anything that is known to not be good for babe. It's not to the point of harming self or others at all, just to the point of windows covered as am sensitive to light, and crying a lot. Eg I managed to clean the house, feed and bath the kid and play some with her. Lots more TV than when I felt better though.
And I can't look in a mirror, can't go outside at all, can't work on my book, can't this and that, its so annoying, like I'm the crazy cat lady. Hu.

ourraquel Fri 28-Aug-09 12:17:12

Hello Comma, sorry to hear you're feeling so down. You should feel triumphant to have done so much yesterday though - playing with your dd, cleaning the house, I'm lucky if I manage to do both on a good day!

I'm 21 wks pg and feeling alright at the moment (sorry), but had PND last time, and have been referred to a perinatal psychiatric support unit. I had my first consultation there yesterday, and it was really good, so I would very much recommend you to go to your doctor and make use of what support is available. The matron who did my assessment talked me through several drug options which are safe in pregnancy, as well as while bfing, and personally, I found it reassuring to know that those options are available if I need them. But what it also did, perhaps most importantly, was actually to normalize the whole thing - your hormones go crazy through pregnancy and afterwards, and they can do unpredictable things to you, and it happens to lots and lots of women. Being the crazy cat lady is about as common as NOT being the crazy cat lady.

Anyhow, sorry for ramble. Very good luck to you. Let us know how you get on.

Comma2 Fri 28-Aug-09 17:57:15

Why be sorry when you feel good ourraquel! Enjoy it. Thanks for the comment, it's good to know there are drugs available they think are okay. Even though I am the sort that rather not even take a tylenol during pregnancy, but there is a responsibilty toward the rest of the family too--can't hang around crying after all.

I tried to call doc but he isn't in on Fridays, which leaves me with 3 more horror days before anything can happen.

At least its raining and cool and not crazy hot and humid, that helps. Ugh.

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