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Closed cervix - how can you tell? + bleeding at 6 weeks

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emmajlh Thu 27-Aug-09 20:39:55


So had a 'feel' and i'm not sure whether my cervix is completely closed. it is definately high up but there kind of feels like 'flappy bits' on the very end (TMI). does anyone know if this is normal?

Also last week at 5 weeks i had spotting for 5 days. this week at 6 weeks i haven't had any for about 5 days then today had some again.

DH and i had sex last night and we might have got a bit carried away with it. last weeks spotting started the day after i did some cycling. i'm wondering if the sex and excercise are what is causing the bleeding. I saw the doctor about it last week who wasn't concerned at all - thought it was probably just implantation bleeding. i thought it was a bit late for that but went with it as i'd rather think its that than something worse!!

haven't had any pain, dizziness or cramps and i'm trying to take it easy.

bevlin Mon 31-Aug-09 14:08:42

I wouldn't poke around to much grin. Leave that to the midwives. You should just phone triage at the hospital if your really worried, they know what they are looking for.

LuluMaman Mon 31-Aug-09 14:22:25

please stop fiddling with your cervix. not a good idea if you are having spotting etc..

it might be that you have a cervical erosion which is not sinister and should not affect your pregnacny, but it can be a reason for spotting/light bleeding after sex

i would ask for a referral to the EPAU, but having said that, you are not bleeding and are not in pain or cramping so hopefully it is nothing to worry about

reikizen Mon 31-Aug-09 14:42:19

Please don't do that again as you don't know the cause of the bleeding or if you are feeling your cervix so you may be inadvertently making things worse. Neither sex or excercise will cause a miscarriage so don't worry about that. 'Taking it easy' will not prevent a miscarriage but it is never a bad idea in early pregnancy when you can feel bloody awful! Visit the EPU if you are genuinely worried but remember there is nothing anyone can do to prevent you from miscarrying if that does occur. Some women have spotting all the way through their pregnancy and cervical erosion/eversion is certainly a benign and common cause of bleeding. Good luck.

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