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Streety travel system - anyone got one?

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Issy42 Thu 27-Aug-09 18:57:23

I'm nearly 20 weeks and got panicked into looking at prams already seeing some of the threads about how expensive some are. My price range for pram and car seat is limited to £350 max and I want a proper lie flat option and forward/rear facing for later. Have seen the Streety (08 edition) including the carrycot for £275 which seems a really good price. I've also seen the 09 version for about £330.

As far as I can see, the pros are that the carrycot is apparently light and doubles up as a lie flat car seat as well as having the traditional wedge shaped one. The pram folds really small (I have a small car) and the seat can be both forward and backward facing. Also it's Bebeconfort/Maxi Cosi so trust the brand on previous safety record for car seats.

The negatives I've read about for this one are that there is no ISOFIX base for the car seat and the non-ISOFIX base only fits the 09 version. Also the wheels can't cope with mud at all (but I think I would use a sling for country walks/walking around the nature reserve near my house anyway). The other negative is finding somewhere to see it in the flesh so I can try it out and try out the car seat in my car, my local Toys R Us and Mothercare don't stock it. May try John Lewis at the weekend.

Does anyone have any experience of this one? And is it worth the extra £50/£60 for 09 rather than 08. Everything else seems too expensive or is a Graco which I've read on here can be unreliable.

Boogellyboo Thu 27-Aug-09 19:14:31

Ive bought the streety, Im 29 weeks so havent used it yet but it seems great. Very light and easy to put up/down compared to friends that Ive tried out. I got the 08 version off for £175 with nearly £20 back in points so it seemed a great deal. (Doesnt look like they have the same offer on at the minute but they change quite frequently) Ive bought the windoo carrycot which is meant for the Loola but fits fine as it's the same type of fittings on the side. Its a lot roomier than the streety carrycot which is why I went for that one. Not sure where your based but my local boots has the streety on display (Manchester centre) Maybe one near you will have one you can try out?

Issy42 Thu 27-Aug-09 20:17:43

Thanks Boo, that's really helpful. I haven't tried Boots as I boycott them, but I may pop in to have a look and buy it elsewhere. Do you find the Windoo heavy?

sazm Thu 27-Aug-09 20:38:35

i would try one out first, i nearly bought one,then changed my mind and went for the loola up,when i seen the streety in real life i found it very flimsy and not sturdy enough for my liking,
personally i wouldnt go for a lie flat carseat as they are not as safe as a normal rear facing one,
with the streety and loola up you dont need the carrycot as the seat lies totally flat,

good luck xx

Boogellyboo Thu 27-Aug-09 20:44:17

It does seem quite heavy and thats without baby in! I have four huge steps into my house so Im hoping it wont be too bad as I need to be able to lift it off the frame to bring baby into the house then go back for the frame.

Issy42 Fri 28-Aug-09 16:47:12

Thanks Sazm. Good to hear another perspective. How does the Loola fold? I read on another pram thread that someone gave up using it and got a MacLaren because it was bulky and heavy. Shame the MacLaren's aren't rear facing as that would solve the problem as their carrycot seems nice and light.

I did read on the MN product review thread that there have been some problems with the Streety wheels but apparently only applies to models made between Jun 08 and Feb 09, so I guess getting the one that fits the car base (May/Jun 09 batch) would avoid that. Have a trip to either Kiddicare in Peterborough or PreciousLittleOne in Grantham when I'm on leave in just over 2 weeks so will check them out.

I'm totally unsure what to do about the car seat issue. Flat ones are better for rear collisions and protection from flying debris, whereas wedge ones are better for head on collision and apparently side impact, but linked with cot death and spine problems. Part of the reason the Streety appealed to me was having both types of seat so could make my mind up later which to use or alternate them when I have to do the 6-hour drive to parents (but realistically would only be once before too big to go in carrycot).

Boo - I picked up a Windoo the other day and couldn't believe the weight. But four steps should be manageable enough.

sazm Sat 29-Aug-09 10:09:49

the loola folds quite small (in comparison to other similar pushchairs,it is a bit bigger than the streety but its much sturdie
there are SO many people who buy a lovely pram and move onto a maclaren after a few months,but i love my lo facing me, i have a cheap stroller for holidays etc though,

as for the carseat thing - theres more chance of a frontal or side impcat crash rather than a rear(at speed),
i have a maxi-cosi and wouldnt use anything else,you can also get a base for it and it should last until about 18m (26lbs),
would a carseat that stays in the car be an option for you? (would save a little off your budget for a pram as you wouldnt need a seat and base,

once you have seen some prams in real life then it will be much easier to get an idea of what features you like,

Issy42 Sun 30-Aug-09 23:35:59

Thanks Sazm. I had thought about a fixed car seat (having read that you should only use carriers for travelling because of the cot death thing, seemed like the sensible alternative) but apparently they are too upright for newborns (even though they say they're suitable).

sazm Mon 31-Aug-09 10:51:14

some of them are fine for newborns,

i think its the ones that are designed to rearface until the lo is 4yo that are too upright,
you can get the britax first class, and the concorde ultimax(my fav) which are fine from birth,but they only rearface to 13kg(i think) so if you wanted your lo to rearface for longer you would need to buy another rf seat,
or you can turn it around and use it forward facing from then on,

Issy42 Mon 31-Aug-09 13:57:02

Thanks Sazm - will check those out.

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