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Just back from my consultant, and I am seriously upset and needing to talk.

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dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 16:21:47

I had a chorionicity scan done today, and it definitely shows my twins are sharing the same placenta, plus twin ones fluid is slightly less than twin two. This was exactly what I've been worried about ever since the one placenta was mentioned. No one was totally sure, and todays scans confirmed it. I've to be seen regularly for scans and checks on the fluid levels, which is fine.

Whats upsetting is the fact that the consultant has said I'm more than likely going to need a cs, and if I'm honest I'm scared now that something might go wrong and I could end up having a cs before I'm meant to. When I questioned him about the cs, in terms of how many weeks, all he could say was that it depends on how the growth goes and how much change there is in the fluid levels. But he's looking at booking me in for no more than 37 weeks? Surely it's too early on to even think about that!!

I'm so confused about all of this, in my head I was having a nice relaxing birthsad

I can't take much more living like thissad

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 16:25:58


A c-section is quite common with twins and 37 weeks is fine. They maybe just want to book things in so they have a plan to work with.

I know it is hard but you have to try and just get on with day to day stuff otherwise you are going to be knackered when the babies come along.

Keep talking to your midwife and make a list of things you need to ask her when you see her and another for things you need to plan and buy.

And rest.

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 16:32:02

Is this your first pregnancy?

I too am pg with id twins - monochorionic diamniotic - so same placenta, separate sacs. I found out at 10 weeks and have been scanned fortnightly (and seeing obs fortnightly) since. All due to the risk of TTTS which is presumably what you are worried about?

I am worried too - of course you are. But the risk of developing TTTS is still considerably less than everything being ok.

Also - just because at one scan one baby has less fluid does not necessarily mean TTTS is happening. The babies position affects this - hence, unless there is a great difference, they need to see you regularly. And there are things they can do if it is proving to be a problem.

About the CS. I have been advised mine will be performed at 36 weeks unless there are any problems with the twins before then. His minimum aim is 34 weeks. I've had a previous CS so not in the slightest bit bothered about that! Far prefer the idea to the 40 hour labour ending in EMCS I had last time! But I understand completely how the ideal birth can really matter to you. You need to understand why a CS is being recommended, and discuss it so you can adapt your expectations and feelings about it. Have you joined TAMBA? If not, I really suggest you do so. On the forum there are some really informed posters about TTTS and the associated risks, and links to studies about why early CS is recommended. There is a significant risk that accute TTTS can occur IN labour - hence the safest route for the babies is a planned CS early, when their lungs are developed enough etc but the risk of accute TTTS is much reduced.

I completely understand your worries. I'm sharing a lot of them myself. But as I keep trying to remind myself - although the risks are increased they are still SMALLER than the chance of everything being fine. And there is NOTHING you can do about TTTS - nothing you do will make it happen or not. It's hard, you have my sympathies, and of course at the moment it's all new to you.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 16:34:57

It's one thing after another FBG, I had another small bleed last night, ending up going to be checked out, then back there again today for my appointment. I've hit a brick wall sad

This isn't what my head has been planning at all, but it's all disappearing in a puff of smoke now.

I do know the sex though wink

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 16:36:16


My 2 twinny buddies together

weegle - have emailed you.

jujubean Thu 27-Aug-09 16:38:25

On the cs thing. A friend had twins and was persuaded by daft consultant to have natural delivery, even though chance of delivering 2 twins vaginally is less than 20%. It was all a big nightmare and she ended up with emergency cs. She REALLY wishes she'd opted for elective cs.

jujubean Thu 27-Aug-09 16:41:11

p.s. when my plans for a relaxed natural birth disappeared in a puff of smoke cos of pre-eclampsia my wise old mum said to me "if you can't change the situation, change your attitude to it".

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 16:41:57

FBG - I've mailed you back. Sorry you're having a crappy day...

dizzy - honestly, when I first found out about the shared placenta, chorion thing I was so freaked out with worry. I still am quite a bit but as DH KEEPS reminding - the risk is still a small risk. It's not a given. My last scan showed difference in fluid but the sonographer was almost certain it was due to positioning so the deepest pool measurements were different. They should also be measuring abdominal circumfrence, head etc - and this gives and overall picture of whether the babies are both growing well.

neenztwinz Thu 27-Aug-09 16:42:51

I think with id twins it is almost 100% cs. I had non-id twins vaginally at 36+5 weeks and they didn't need special care, they came up to PN ward with me so a cs at 37 weeks would be brilliant for you.

How far along are you now?

I can understand how worried you are - but obviously the consultant is not too worried if he is talking about a cs at 37 weeks.

Is it the fluid levels worrying you? Did they explain what that means for the babies?

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 16:47:39

Also - as you read more about twins, you learn that twins aren't just considered full term at 37 weeks because of sizing etc. It's because they actually develop earlier than singletons - like biologically they know that they will be born sooner, so their lungs etc are better developed than a singleton of the same gestation. Hence you might find twin babies born early needing no special care at all, whereas a singleton born at the same gestation needs more assistance. I found that quite reassuring when I learnt that.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 16:48:56

FBG, let me, go on. I'm not telling any family, I want to see the look on mums face. She's my birth partnersmile

Thanks weegle, it's actually good to hear from someone else in the same boat, I'll try and alter my attitude to it but it's going to take a while to sink in tbh.

I SO want a natural birth. Can you insist on not having a cs if you really don't want one, or is it pretty much out of my control nowsad

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 16:51:02

Okay then. Only because it is you

Lovie, try not to worry about the birth right now. There is plenty of time for things to change. I have had a section and normal deliveries but all that matters really is my babies are here.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 16:53:51

I type too slow blush

I'm googling too much, so I don't think that's helping. Tbh I didn't really understand about the fluid thing, it's all double dutch to me and I've got so much going on in my head right now with other stuff, I'm not taking everything in. And what I am taking in I'm panicking about and getting upset.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 16:54:42

Little girls smile

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 16:55:39

I told FBG what we're having! Sorry to ruin it FBG!

I think the thing is - it's all new to you, today. There's no rush for you to decide anything. What you do need to do is go away and do some research so you understand WHY you are being recommended these things. Hence I really recommend TAMBA. Although that will also be daunting (believe me, been there!) it will also help you make an informed choice. Of course you can decide to try for a natural delivery - it is your choice at the end of the day. But I suspect, once you have done some reading, and also had some time pass, you will feel more at ease over a CS. You need time to let go of what you were hoping for though, and come to terms with a CS not being a failing, but you actually giving the twins the best start they can get. But it will understandably take some time to get your head around that.

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 16:57:47

aah we're having girls too. How wonderful! smile

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 16:58:47

So happy all girls grin

I was having twin boys so these being girls is fabulous news and all will be fine grin

l39 Thu 27-Aug-09 17:05:37

I had fortnightly scans with my id twins who shared a placenta. At one scan twin2s fluid level was a bit low. It was back up to normal at the next scan and every subsequent one. There were no other signs to hint at TTTS during pregnancy or labour. Both girls were perfectly fine. Hopefully your fluid level will sort itself out too.

It seems I had them before a single placenta started to mean an automatic section. They're now 8.

My second twin was born by section but it had nothing to do with the placenta - she was transverse. I would not choose an elective caesarean just to prevent the possibility of an emergency one but I would, of course, if they told me a natural birth would put the babies at risk - as I say, this was never suggested 8 years ago.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 17:09:16

My pregnancy with ds was such a non event, so was his birth. I guess I was lucky not having any complications and maybe spoilt having th type of birth I wanted that in my mind it's how it is iukwim.

I've already had hep from TAMBA, when I first found out I was having twins my head was all over the place, and I wasn't sure I even wanted them. I'm ashamed to even be saying this now, but it's true. I was in a hell of a mess, and the helpline was fabulous.

Thank you everyone.

Weegle Thu 27-Aug-09 17:11:46

l39 I think (although I really can't remember the exact date) the most recent study was 2006. But there were some before that. I think it's now common practice to get ids out by CS before 37 weeks. On the TAMBA website there are a few people who've pretty much had to inform their consultants of the studies though etc. I think it's because the TTTS risk IN labour is so accute that it really isn't worth the risk.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 17:12:12

We are here for you and your babies.

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 17:44:56

I do feel very supported here FBG, mn is amazing smile Thank you!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 17:47:32

dizzymare Thu 27-Aug-09 22:51:08

I called H tonight to let him know what's happened today, can someone remind me next time not to bother please.

That's all I have to say, and I'm back off to my cave nowsad

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 28-Aug-09 12:21:45

Shit bag.

Plan a treat for today, dizzy, even if just watching rubbish tv.

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