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PGD (SPD) question. Surely not at 12 bloody weeks.

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Dophus Thu 27-Aug-09 09:40:16

I had SPD with DS2 (started at about 20 weeks) and ended up using crutches for the rest of pregnancy.

Iam now 12 weeks with DC3 and can't believe that I am already starting to feel in a pain in the arse. I hoping that it's just something I've pulled put the pain feels really familiar.

I'm not sure if to seek intevention now. Previously when I sought help I was given a handed a pair of crutches and told (nicely) to get on with it. Fortunately it never got any worse and actually imporved somewaht towards th end.

I have found differening advice on the internet regarding the utilty of physio etc and early intervention. At the moment the pain is tolerable in the morning but becoming increasingly painful by the evening.

Anyone got any experience they could share with me? I'm pariculaly concerned that it is appearing so early in my pregnancy and whether that means it may get really bad!

Fruitysunshine Thu 27-Aug-09 09:45:49

I cannot give you any advice really because mine got worse right to the end and I ended up in a HUGE tubigrip! It was almost hilarious if not somewhat ridicilous - and the crutches helped with the pressure.

I would get support as soon as you need it. There is no use suffering in silence and it won't be forever.

Oooohhh - I did offer advice after all!


Dophus Thu 27-Aug-09 10:15:55

Thanks - when did the pain first appear?

tink08 Thu 27-Aug-09 10:57:59

hi i'm 27 weeks with dd2 , i started with spd about 30 ish weeks with dd1 but i had twinges before i got a positive pregnancy test with this one ! shock

Dophus Thu 27-Aug-09 11:07:20

How are you now?

WowOoo Thu 27-Aug-09 11:09:37

I got SPD early on in second pregnancy but it faded. Was told it may have been my body flooding with hormones and then settling down.

So, not necessarily doom and gloom for you!

tink08 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:15:54

I've been off work since 17 weeks as could'nt stand or even sit without being in pain . I've seen physio twice and she's given me a support band and exercises tod o but i find the support band uncomfortable to wear and does'nt do much to be honest hmm
I've been ok last few weeks until yesterday . I walked to pick up dd1's freind so she could come around for a play day (only about 15-20 mins walk each way ) and was in a lot of pain when i got back and i'm in constant pain today sad
Basically i'm ok if i sit on my bum all day and don't walk far grin

KatyS36 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:19:49


I got advised by a private physio to use crutches to prevent it getting worse and to minimise chances of damage.

I'm finding they make a real difference.

My advice would be to use them as a management tool sooner rather than later. It also means you don't have to keep on expaining you can't walk far and chairs constantly appear!

Dophus Thu 27-Aug-09 11:28:38

Lots of different experinces - many thanks. Some give me hope (thanks Wowoo), some more concerning Tink !

I gave up with the support band last time as I found it itchy and uncomfortable unless I put clothuing underneath - it then meant having to reinstall it every time I needed a pee (i.e. every 20 min!).

Was considering starting with the crutches again - it's just 6 months on crutches seems scary.

I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow so will get a physio referral. I've just called BUPA and apparently they won't cover pregnancy-related physio

KatyS36 Thu 27-Aug-09 12:53:38

Couple of thoughts:

re support band, I have a fab one (recommended specifically from medical company) which is intended to go over clothes. It has a velcro fastening and goes on/off in 5 seconds. I can't wear it sitting down but take it on and off as needed.

re crutches, my physio said that they might resolve the problem enough that I don't need them. I've found I'm much more mobile with them than without them, which was my ultimate goal. Plus everything hurts less

Re physio, obviously this depends on your personal circumstances. Although I've seen someone privately I've only needed two appointments. Both were second opinions after I thought the NHS physio rubbish. It was an initial assessment, then a review when it got worse. I feel this has given me the information i need to manage the condition.

It probably helped me that my physio had a fantastic manner and put crutches across as a positive management tool

Good luck

Fruitysunshine Thu 27-Aug-09 12:55:28

Mine started at 20 weeks Dophus. Varying intensity of different days eventually to constant pain all the time on moving from a stationary position. It literally disappeared the second dd was born!

Dophus Thu 27-Aug-09 13:57:49

Thanks everyone.

hobnob57 Fri 28-Aug-09 20:53:56

Hey Dophus,

I just wanted to say that my very 1st pg symptom (before doing the test) was clicky pelvic joints and I knew I was in for a tough time. 1st time around I had SPD dreadfully and was trussed up in a massive tubigrip and SI belt from 17 weeks until the end. They don't seem to do crutches up here...

This time I went to see an osteopath as soon as he would look at me (14wks I think) to make sure that my pelvis was at least aligned. At that point it felt like is was all about to kick off big time again. However, I have been pretty fine since then and am now 30 wks. Of course I am careful not to do too much, walk too fast, always stand up straight first before moving anywhere and keeping my knees together whenever I am doing anything. I've seen they physio to get a tubigrip thinking that it was always about to get worse and it never has.

I can't say whether the osteo was the magic answer this time around or not, but he definitely helped a lot in between pgs when the SPD hadn't resolved. Other things I've done differently this time are:
Pilates up to 20 weeks
Wearing Earth shoes which encourage your bum muscles to stay awake
Walking at toddler pace most of the time
Having a decent mattress with memory foam topping, not one which gave me bruises from springs when lying on my side

I think the pilates have helped a lot actually, since now I know better which muscles to recruit when.

Good luck, and I hope that it all settles down soon for you.

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