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Please can someone tell me about high levels of sugar in bloods at booking, follow-up GTT tests and GD?

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designerbaby Tue 25-Aug-09 22:15:42

Had bloods done at booking appointment as usual. Slightly unusual was that I was made to down a bottle of Lucozade frist (yuergh).Is this standard now?

Just got a letter through today saying that my blood sugar levels were elevated, and I have to go in for a GTT next week.

I was booked in to have one of these later in my pregnancy as am quite small and I had a 4.3kg baby last time and they wanted to keep an eye out for GD which maybe hadn't been picked up last time.

But as I understand it, GD usually only presents later in pregnancy? (I'm only 11 weeks).

So am worried that they're picking up underlying type II diabetes or something? And I've been googling that (I know - but I couldnt stop myself) and that's got me all worried re: increased chances of spina bifida and I should have been taking larger doses of folic acid etc. etc.

I'm getting myself all worried about it so am hoping someone can shed some light on all this?

Thanks in advance,


theDMplagiarisedLeonie Tue 25-Aug-09 22:21:29

Message withdrawn

Bleatblurt Tue 25-Aug-09 22:30:03

For a GTT you fast from the night before. I don't know what it was they did but it wasn't a proper GTT so not sure what the point of it was.

You don't need to have any of the tests but I personally don't see the harm in having the GTT done (properly!) if your dr/midwives think there is a need. I say this as someone who's gestational diabetes wasn't picked up on until 30 weeks and this led to a HUGE baby who had problems at birth.

If you have the test done and there's a problem then you are going to be able to get the proper care for it from early on which can only be a good thing.

But if you don't want the test and don't feel like there's a need for it then don't let them bully you into it. smile

designerbaby Tue 25-Aug-09 22:30:23

Thanks TDMPL,

My DD showed no sigs afterwards either - no jaundice, no low sugar, nothing. And she didn't stay fat anyway - she's a slight little thing now (but TALL!).

I just found the lucozade thing a bit odd, and wished I hadn't just had a milkshake in the cafe beforehand (it was late in the day, lunch had been a good 6 hours previously and was feeling a bit icky - that's my excuse - oh and the cafe do REALLY good milkshakes...). I can't help but think that I'm not at all surprised my blood sugar was up - I've never had so much sugar in such a small space of time! I nearly threw up!

I'm not bothered about the test as such - it's no trouble really and I wouldn't want them to miss something which might harm baby2, just a bit perplexed and a bit clueless...



designerbaby Tue 25-Aug-09 22:34:48

Thanks Butterball - I'm in no hurry to push out another 4.3kg baby either! I think that might be the end of my pelvic floor... blush.

I've no problem having the test, just questioning whether it's possible for it to be GD they're looking for - because it seems to early in the PG, or whether they suspect an underlying, non-PG related diabetis thing...

I thought the lucozade thing, late in the day, without knowing what I'd eaten/drunk previously was a little random.

Not looking forward to the nil by mouth from midnight till midday though... [hungry and pukey emoticon required!]


theDMplagiarisedLeonie Tue 25-Aug-09 22:51:27

Message withdrawn

mum27 Wed 26-Aug-09 08:08:29

hi designerbaby i think the test you might have had was called a glucose challenge. If the levels were elevated, and even after a milkshake earlier if your pancreas is working ok it shouldn't be high, then you go on to do the GTT. I've had GD with 3 of my pregnancies and one baby was 4.9kg and I supposedly didn't have GD with him. This will be my 3rd pregnancy with GD and they tested me very early this time about 14 or 16.If they do find GD it's better that they find it sooner rather than later...even if it does mean a very bland diet for the rest of your pregnancy grin

designerbaby Wed 26-Aug-09 16:10:06

Weirdly, I seem to have gone off sweet stuff anyway - there's a 5 pack of flakes in the fridge that my DH bought me about two weeks ago that I haven't even opened!

BUt I really thought it would be too early at 10 weeks for GD to have kicked in, but I guess maybe not?

We'll see what next Thursday brings, I guess...


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