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when to expect DC3

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mummy2t Tue 25-Aug-09 19:31:08

DS 1 was born at 36 weeks
DS 2 was born at 37 weeks

when do you think DD 1 will arrive??
i am 35 weeks by my midwifes dates or 36 weeks by my own dates ( have short cycle that no one seems to take into account )

Getting fed up now, ds1 is 5 and ds 2 is 18months and this pregnacy is sooooo tiring now. maybe its just made worse cause of the school hols. moan over xxx

neolara Tue 25-Aug-09 20:28:50

My dc1 was born at 37 + 3 and dc2 was born at 36 + 6. I was convinced that no 3 would be born at 37 weeks but I'm now 38 + 3 and counting. It's very frustrating.

My midwife said that with two early births the chances are high that the third would be too. Am hoping she is right.

Good luck and hope she pops out soon.

mummy2t Tue 25-Aug-09 20:53:11

ahh i hope so, really ready for her now good luck to you, hope your little one arrives safely soon xx

Chrysanthamum Tue 25-Aug-09 22:17:32

My 1st was born at 38 weeks, my 2nd at 39&4 days and I was told that the head of the one I'm currently carrying was fully engaged at 36 weeks - so I rushed home to pack my bag! I'm now 40 weeks & 5 days pg with an induction scheduled for this weekend! So I would say take nothing for granted - lots of 3rd babies are late apparently.
I was sailing thru this pregnancy until I heard it might be early and it got me v impatient. My oldest son is now back at school but my 19 mth old is v out of sorts at home just now.
Hope you'll be lucky and go early.

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