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It doesn't fill me with confidence...

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EliandmE Tue 25-Aug-09 09:21:16

That on my first visit to the GP (I'm 6 + 4) he googled 'due date calculator' (I know it's not an exact science but I could have done that myself).

That the GP neither tested to confirm I was pregnant, or explained why that was unneccesary.

That the GP ordered a blood test (preceded by a 12 hour fast), but the midwife had no idea what it was for. Or what the results were. Or how I would find out. Or why I would want to.

That neither the GP or the midwife mentioned folic acid. I actually went back and asked at reception and they said "oh we don't prescribe it automatically". Which is fair enough, but surely the GP/midwife is supposed to advise me to take it? Or has that changed?

That when I asked for support to stop smoking, I was given a number to text, which would automatically sign me up for 'regular texts offering support, hints and tips to help you beat the cigarettes'. Well, that's going to make all the blimmin difference.

When I was pregnant with my ds, I was tested to confirm I was pregnant, prescribed folic acid (accompinanied by a huge speech about how important it was), and given a personal smoking cessation midwife who did home visits and was wonderful. We have now moved to a different PCT. I am just being a 'know it all' second timer or is this service somewhat lacking?

JRocks Tue 25-Aug-09 09:26:06

The blood test sounds like the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes, although why you would do that at your stage I don't know - that's for later on.

It all sounds very vague - I'm pregnant with my ssecond and have, if anything, had more information and attention this time. The only people who don't seem to have a clue, yet try to boss me around are the receptionists at the GP surgery.

Have you had a booking appointment with a midwife?

Mistymoo Tue 25-Aug-09 09:26:45

I have never had my pregnancy confirmed by a GP they take your word for it if you have done a HPT.

I was never prescribed folic acid but was asked if I was taking it.

I would imagine that you would want to more help to quit smoking. That seems very lax.

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 25-Aug-09 09:28:05

well no-one tested me either but apart from that I think the rest of it is pretty bad.
Never heard of a standard blood test needing a 12 hour fast hmm
Can you look on your PCT website - they're bound to have some smoking cessation stuff with who you can contact (although I think they just call it stop smoking now) - quit rates in pregnancy are a big thing for them now!

EliandmE Tue 25-Aug-09 09:37:41

JRocks - I did have gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy but I was under the impression, which the GP seemed to confirm, that it wouldn't show up so early. Vague is definitely the right word.

I have had a booking appointment with a midwife, she literally rang the hospital and booked a scan. Then told me I would get a questionnaire about my medical history in the post!

Mistymoo - I know most GP's are completely satisfied with the results of HPT's, but this guy didn't say that, in fact I was led to believe that the mysterious blood test was in part to test for pregnancy hormone in my blood? But the midwife said she thought that was highly unlikely (of course she didn't bother to ask him, depsite the fact he was only three doors down the corridor).

There was no mention of folic acid, by anyone except me. And when I mentioned it, they looked at me like I was some kind of paranoid obsessive.

If I was a first time mum, I'd be (even more) confused.

EliandmE Tue 25-Aug-09 09:41:08

LadyStealthPolarBad - it's the blood test/fasting thing that I am really annoyed about, I am really starting to suffer with ms and it was the very very last thing I needed, so to find out it was unnecessary...

Great idea about the PCT website, I'll check it out now.

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 25-Aug-09 09:41:13

they sound useless - especially about the folic acid!

JRocks Tue 25-Aug-09 09:41:55

It does all sound a bit weird. Like they aren't really a proper Dr's surgery, just a bunch of people pretending grin Sorry, that doesn't help. At least you have done it all before, poor first timers in your area.

We don't have booking appointments until 8-9 weeks here, maybe they will be a bit more thorough then? <hopeful>

LadyStealthPolarBear Tue 25-Aug-09 09:44:33

would make sense if it was a GTT but surely it's a bit early as someone else said! Maybe they do it as standard if you've had GD in the past then

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