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Pembury or the PRUH (farnborough) ??

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eightisseventoomany Mon 24-Aug-09 19:24:20

Wonder if anyone has recent experiences of either hospital?

My latest DS born in PRUH ....but that was in 2005...
but Pembury looks like its having rennovations...??

not sure if maternity wing at Pembury still old victorian building? or even in use at moment ??

any advice ???

thanks to all who reply

SilverSixpence Mon 24-Aug-09 21:48:22

I had DS at PRUH, it was a really good experience, the midwives were excellent and I thought the facilities were pretty good. Not that much support after the birth, but I went home the next day so it didn't matter really. let me know if you have any specific questions.

beautifulgirls Mon 24-Aug-09 22:11:47

You might like to see this very recent thread about the same topic grin

eightisseventoomany Mon 24-Aug-09 23:39:29

Thanks sixpence & beautiful girls...

Just read all those threads.....great help.

consensus seems to be that both delivery suites are good.....but post natal depts. are lacking somewhat in care.!!!

so great if your in & out.....but would be terrible if I had to stay longer than a few hours after birth !!.

Which....given they may come early (twins) or that c-sec is required (fingers crossed its NOT)....then this would be a tad worrying !!


had terrible experience in A&E at the PRUH when I had MC at xmas !!!
(wasnt the maternity wing) so cant make judgement I guess...
but I was terribly neglected then....and basically left to bleed my baby out for over an hour....noone checked on me !!
my bed was soaked was the floor !!

when nurse finally came to me she complained at me for not getting help !!!
(the buzzer in my room was broke...and unreachable even if it worked!!)
I told her I was shouting for help but noone came....
to which she replied
"well this is Trauma A&E....there are people in much more need of care than you!"

she removed all the bedding....then returned with a pack of wipes & slung them on the bed & said "clean yourself up"

During said "cleaning myself"......despite me being aneamic & HB of 9....after losing so much blood I felt terrible....I was barely able to stand !!! took me a few minutes....standing on my shaking legs....completely naked from waist down.....
.I couldnt believe it when a bloke came in to empty the medical bins !!!

I was in complete shock & my mind by this time (after the trauma of just losing my 3 month old child) was just numb.

It was the most surreal experience Ive ever had...
Once cleaned....I just walked out of the room & went home !!
that was literally that !!!!

Never had such awful neglect of care in my life....

hoping the maternity wing of PRUH offers some form of aftercare.....but from sounds of also seems pretty cold & mums are left to feel forgotten about ??

beautifulgirls Tue 25-Aug-09 11:36:16

Goodness you poor thing - that is truely an awful experience. So sorry you had to go through that. [hugs]

In all honesty I think one of the most frequent complaints about maternity care that people voice about is the after care - seems to be across the whole of the UK too not just localised to this area. I can't comment on the postnatal care at either hospital but perhaps someone else reading can give you a bit more insight into their experiences and help you make a decision.

BonsoirAnna Tue 25-Aug-09 11:39:31

I liked the "Victorian" buildings at Pembury - they, along with the female camaraderie, reminded my of my university halls of residence! I loved the ambiance and got great care from the MW team.

Weegle Tue 25-Aug-09 13:18:44

I was in Pembury for 5 days post DS in 2006 - I cannot fault their after care, only their food. The ante-natal ward (for induction) was hell on earth though. I am now under Pembury (18 wks id twins so fortnightly appts) and feel happy about them being delivered at Pembury. You'll still be in the old building - the new one won't be open for a good while yet.

BonsoirAnna Tue 25-Aug-09 16:16:31

I didn't touch the food at Pembury! My community MW warned me that I would think it disgusting and that it didn't contain enough fibre to prevent constipation. I got my mother to bring me in fruit and sandwiches!

EasyEggs Tue 25-Aug-09 17:10:52

I had ds 1 and 2 at Pembury but that was in 2001 & 2003, although have been there more recently in early labour with dd in 2007 and was there Friday with unexplained bleeds for current bump!! Have to say the MW's are ALWAYS fantastic there, never had a bad experience, although I agree the general building and food leave a bit to be desired lol!

Unfortunately the fantastic new hos won't be open until late next year, shame as it looks like it's going to be fab.

Good luck in whatever you choose though and I'm so sorry to hear about your mc and the experience you went through at PRUH sad

As if it isn't traumatic enough without having to endure that kind of treatment, or should I say lack of.

x x x

eightisseventoomany Wed 26-Aug-09 17:34:47

Thanks ladies

Just had my scan today

downstairs in the ante-natal at pruh...the ladies are lovely !!!
maybe I should kidnap one & chain her to me grin

Both babies are transverse & breech (& huge !! Both already 5lb at 32 weeks !!) looks like it could be a C-sec afterall !!

so best to decide on hospital based on its aftercare/ postnatal ward staff.
as I'll be totally reliant on them for 4+ days !!

NEVER do I want to end up in A&E at PRUH again !! maybe because i wasnt actually dying myself....I was treated so badly....they obviously prefer REAL near death those just suffering a MC. ?? hmm

thanks for your advice ladies wink

GiPi1 Thu 27-Aug-09 23:31:35

My twin sister has just had her son at Pembury and she said that it was fantastic although she didn't mention the food !!! (funnily enough we were born there too 40 years ago !!!)

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