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Massively TMI!!!!!!!! I think I have piles )-:

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mosschops30 Mon 24-Aug-09 14:12:38

But dear god I never knew it could be like this!!

3rd pg, have been taking Lactulose for months, for last couple of weeks my bums been a but stingy.
It is now generally on fire (I kid you not) for most of the day, in the night its unbearable, and despite putting Prep H on before bed, I wake up feeling like someone has a red hot poker stuck up my arse, it just makes me want to itch it all the time.

The bit betwwen my floof and my rear hole has swollen and is itchy and sore. I dont want to feel any more. I also bleed after going to the toilet.

See told you TMI! grin

So is it piles? And what can I use, I bought Preparation H because it was the only one in the supermarket which said it was suitable for pg women, but its clearly not working so I need something else.

Any suggestions would be great

PlumBumMum Mon 24-Aug-09 14:15:41

Anusol is suitable for pg women, you need to keep using the supposteries to get some effect (thats what I found) after no3

I always used Anusol ointment not cream (made me itch) when pg and after, dear god don't even want to think about after <shudders>.

Anyhoo, you should really go to the gp and get them checked before you start self-medicatingsmile.

Am sure it is piles though, sounds classic, is a good idea to try and keep them under control, did you have them in previous pgs?

FlightHattendant Mon 24-Aug-09 14:18:10

My mum swears by boots own withc hazel ointment. Wash & dry area with cotton wool, then apply this stuff. Not the branded one, it's got perfume in I think or something.

worth a try

mosschops30 Mon 24-Aug-09 14:23:40

No I have never had them before. The stuff I have atm is a soothing gel, but its crap.
I have just been to the GP this morning but hated the one I saw and would rather show my arse to a complete stranger than him!

Can you use suppositories in pg?

Is my birth gonna be horrendous having these, or wont I notice?

Suppositories are fine in pg, honestly get the Anusol ointment too it is really good, if there is not a significant improvement in a week go to the gp ok?grin

Ermmm my piles were painful during both births and like a horror movie afterwards, but maybe you were looking for me to say they were fine?

I'm sure yours will be finewinkgrin.

They clear up quite quickly if that is any comfort.

l39 Mon 24-Aug-09 16:31:00

My dh (who would be mortified if he thought I'd mention this on the internet) got piles for the first time recently and saw his GP. As well as a topical cream he had to take anti-inflammatory tablets 3 times a day for 8 days. I don't know if they can be taken in pregnancy - I've been lucky enough to escape piles so far.

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