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Advice from women who exercised during pregnancy

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QueenNeurosis Mon 24-Aug-09 11:37:34


I am 30 weeks pregnant and, having been really very active beforehand, have continued to exercise 5 or 6 days a week. I've cut down on the running as I've been worried about my heart rate going too high but have been enjoying walking, swimming and the gym, finding that it has greatly relieved the tiredness and kept away the blues, which I am prone to.

I have only gained about 10lbs so far but baby is measuring averagely for dates and hb is average too. Midwife hasn't rasied any concerns.

My question is... have I managed to escape some of the swelling, SPD etc because of the exercise or is it inevitable that some of these things will start to kick in? Can I expect a sudden weight gain over the next few weeks? I ask because, for financial reasons, I want to stay in work as late as I can. I'm also intrigued whether part of it is just down to luck and maybe if I was to ease off in my next pregnancy I'd still feel fine.

Anyone who contiuned to exercise able to share their experience? Did it make labour easier? Were you still able to breastfeed?

Sorry - my midwife just said this was the payoff for my horrid sickness at the start.


TheDMshouldbeRivened Mon 24-Aug-09 11:47:54

I cycled up until the day before dd was born (I cycle for transport not realy special exercise) but still got SPD.
Certainly breastfed as exercise wouldn't stop that

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Mon 24-Aug-09 13:34:07

I think a lot of these things are something you either just "get" or you don't. A lot of people seem to start with SPD quite early, regardless whether they exercise or not, and others just don't - same with water retention etc. I didn't do particularly much exercise last time round and didn't suffer with either, but I think it was just luck or hormones.

It seems to me that just like people react differently to their hormones - or maybe get different doses of them? - when not pregnant (e.g some get PMT, some get cramps or bloating or spots, others get nothing) it's probably the same in pregnancy!

I do think being fit probably helps with tiredness and with labour though, as it must help to have more stamina!

Momdeguerre Mon 24-Aug-09 14:38:18

I exercised throughout my last pg - running, gym, swimming etc

I had a quick labour for a first - just under 4 hours and a big healthy baby - 9lbs 1 and did not gain much weight.

I found that I took 4/5 weeks out ater the birth just because of being a bit sore - breasfeeding was no problem and when I got back in the gym I just made sure I used breast pads in my sprts bra!

The weight came off with no problems and I don't think I looked any different to before after about 6 months.

I did not get swelling or spd but the lst few weeks were uncomfortable just because I felt very 'full' and I also struggled with cv exercise because I got very breathless. I stuck to swimming from about 34/5 weeks - 4/5 miles a week.

Chynah Mon 24-Aug-09 16:15:08

I ran til 3 weeks before DS and had a fab pregnancy. Only gained 17lbs and had no problems throughout(not evem morning sickness).

I had a Csection (my choice) so can't comment on labour but I was back to normal weight 2 weeks after birth and back out running after 5.

lilysam Mon 24-Aug-09 16:44:52

I didn;t excercise 'officially' with any of mine. Only got SPD with the first, not 2 and 3 and have never been swollen, or got stretch marks or anything like that. Gained about 1 stone or so.

I really think it's just how you are.

Stannie Mon 24-Aug-09 17:07:36

I was very fit before and upto about 16/17 weeks until I randomly got a fibroid problem then SPD!

I was riding (I have horses) roughly 3 hours a day and doing associated horsey chores easily.

I thought maybe I wouldn't suffer from something like SPD as riding is a muscle buiding sport esp in the pelvic area but Dr said that it's more a case of some get stuff and some don't regardless of lifestyle.

I have only gained 12lbs overall though (lord knows how as I eat for about 4 people and due to SPD am not really exercising..)and am 34 wks now.

Hoping to be back on the horses as soon as I'm able after the birth.. not going to pressure myself though..

bevlin Wed 26-Aug-09 20:17:44

I was always sporty until I got PG with 1st. I had placenta previa and was told no exercise, not even walking or swimming. I gained 3stone 5lb, was swollen beyond recognition and couldn't bend fingers or feet and felt totally knackered. This time I don't have PP and am 21 weeks, loving the fact I can exercise so walking 5 miles x2 a week, swimming, bodypump - what a difference. I feel so healthy and happy this time and no swelling so far. I think it helps. Everyone is right in saying you either will or won't get it but it must help. I think if you are not swelling at 30 weeks it's very unlikely to happen now. Same with SPD, I think you'd know by now.

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