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Feeling miserable and ranting about it

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Mimile Sun 23-Aug-09 17:52:54

Not sure whether it is the lack of sleep or else, but I have just been feeling crap all day today
EDD on Tuesday, yet never felt as much as a twinge or a BH, just the odd trapped back nerve, hip pain.
But today as just been a long series of back pain and abdominal pains, just on the left side though. All of which made me think that I have no pain threshold, and no clue on what to look for when the real deal happens. Oh joy.
To add to the high spirit, I've been crying in front of my Blackberry of doom for 8 hours trying to get the little bugger to work, to no avail, only to find out that Orange had messed up all along, and that I had no chance to get it sorted myself.
And as we are staying in good ol' Glasgae, it's pishing down, so I can't even get my huge self out of the house for a walk.
Never thought I would say that, but really fancy having this baby out NOW.
Sorry for the rant, but DH just doesn't get the crying thing / being sorry for myself attitude...

TheOldestCat Sun 23-Aug-09 17:55:25

Ah, you poor thing - it's rotten this stage when you're feeling miserable and want it all to happen yesterday.

Rant away - this is what we're here for.

TheOldestCat Sun 23-Aug-09 17:55:50

Can you go for a walk in the rain anyway? Might be refreshing!

KateMess Sun 23-Aug-09 18:08:16

Hey Mimile, I was just going to post this myself then I saw yours!

I'm due Wednesday and also have felt not a twinge, I still don't know what a braxton hicks is, and I'm lumbering around like an old whale.

The difference is it's boiling hot here (we live in Brighton) - and I just feel sweaty and uncomfortable and tired after a night of wandering from room to room and grazing the fridge.

Agree with getting out the house idea - but yesterday I wandered aimlessly around the shops and everyone gave me a very wide berth. I even went in the sea (have been swimming quite a bit) with DP but whereas a few weeks ago when we did this people looked at me like I was mad but quite brave, the general beach consensus now seems to be for god's sake cover up woman your time is nigh.

I've also eaten the tub of strawberry cheesecake ice cream I bought because I thought I might fancy it when I was in labour...

Let the eviction commence!

brightonbleach Sun 23-Aug-09 18:27:04

I too want this baby out soonest.... and am not due for 8/10 weeks grin

I'm also in Brighton - I agree, its horridly sweltering here, which is why I'm extra uncomfortable, this humidity is no good for a pregnant diabetic who is in shock at how weird 1st pregnancy is... bring on the rain I say!! I'm just coming to terms with 3rd trimester breathlessness, insomnia, sciatica and general feeling-like-a-whale-ness...with sooooo long to go.... rant away, we're all doing the same by the looks of it!!

Mimile Sun 23-Aug-09 19:39:15

And to top it all, project runway is sooooo naf
Oh well, at least I can't complain about the heat, you'd swear summer had been and gone by June.
But we may be in for some entertainment tomorrow: it's my b'day, we're going out to a posh restaurant to celebrate, and I'll probably panick the whole lot of dinners at the sight of my massive self. With a bit of luck, we may have spectacular water breaking in public? That would make up for the dullness of the last few days. shock.
That or having another week of people asking me if I have popped yet [obviously not], and reminding me that "life will never be the same" and that "I'll be knackered all the time". Sweet.

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 00:32:58

Brighton has been HORRIBLE this weekend... UGH. I spent most of today naked with all the windows open while DP sat wrapped up in his duvet. I'm boiling. Even now its still too hot to sleep * grumbles * 12 weeks to go, am partially tempted to add a "Thank goodness" to the end of that...

My hips are killing me, the pins and needles and really starting to wind me up, and the next bloody person who asks me if I'm eating right become I'm looking so small will get hit - I'm measuring a week over my dates and bloody well feel like it, too!!!!

* Breathes out * Sorry, just HAD to join in.

Right now, I would kill for a few hours painless, uninterupted sleep, a rather large glass of Rose, with a plate of crackers, soft cheeses and pate... I can't wait for Christmas wink

Deeeja Mon 24-Aug-09 01:19:44

Can I join in. It is bloody hot here aswell. I am 36 weeks, and bloody uncomfortable. None of my clothes fit properly. I can not sleep. It is too hot hot hot hot!
I keep having fantasies of having this baby early.
I can't stand another potential 4 to 6 weeks of this.
I want a show, or something.

KateMess Mon 24-Aug-09 11:04:31

Mimile happy birthday! Hope you had fun all things considered...and that you didn't create a water feature at the restaurant, or at least if you did, that it was a sufficiently upmarket joint (Imagine if it was in McDs!)

Erika yes, it's like having the boiler on full strength on the hottest day of the year wearing a mohair jumper - I'm only venturing out for essentials now - somehow the looks of sympathy grate...

Deeja, I'm thinking of scrubbing the pigeon poo off our deck this morning - if that doesn't shift this baby nothing will.

Unpopular comment of the week so far - 'don't worry there's never been a 10 months pregnant woman'. Grrrr

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 11:20:54

Mimile happy birthday

KateMess shock Who said that?!? And do kitkat chunky caramels count as essentials? blush I'm addicted.

Anyone else eating REALLY unhealthily at the moment? I've gone off friut and veg entirely, its really weird, I normally eat incredably well, pregnant or not, but right now even the idea of so much as a slice of apple or a grape is making me gag!

eightisseventoomany Mon 24-Aug-09 13:27:38

No word of a lie.....I ate 15 custard filled donuts 2 days ago !!!
this morning....had 2 screwball icecreams, loads of tuna sandwiches and am now on the scones....!!!
havent stopped eating at all today....
all lazy food BTW !
even the tuna is the instant tuna-sweetcorn sandwich fillers....just spread it & eat !!.

its the only thing thats keeping me happy today....

Keep looking at the terrible mess in EVERY room.....and I walk away !!as its too depressing to even contemplate. !!
been sat on MN all morning.....whilst eating !

pg depression creeps in far too easily !!!

KateMess Mon 24-Aug-09 16:27:32

yes what is it with the eating? I'm absolutely stuffing my face (although mumsylady on the donut front I must take off my hat to you - please tell me they were mini? No!) and I am still bloody starving. DP keeps oinking whenever he hears the fridge go and I am too ungainly to swot him for it.

And nothing nothing nothing is moving... Surely I should be getting some sign by now if there was a chance of me hitting my due date on Wednesday??

arolf Mon 24-Aug-09 16:34:39

oh, i'd kill for some custard filled doughnuts just now! unfortunately I got all saintly when I saw them on offer in sainsburies on saturday, so we have none may have to get some this evening...

mimilie, can you get to the buchanan galleries or the kelvingrove easily? they'd both offer distraction, plus they have seats all through them (IIRC). I'm in the South of england and the heat down here is killing me (36+1 weeks), I'd love to be back in Glasgow for a bit of miserable rain (although my mum tells me it's quite nice weather there today).
hope you have a good birthday!

eightisseventoomany Mon 24-Aug-09 17:16:59

laughing at katemess
Id fall about laughing if my OH said oink oink everytime I opened the fridge...

Probably pee myself as usual whilst at it!!

They were the big donuts !!
Got my shopping online at Asda....thought I was buying 6 donuts....but was infact 6 packets of donuts!!!

they were 50p !!!!
50p for a packet of 5 huge custard donuts...
that has to be a bargain

so indulge ladies....whilst u can

Maybe all this eating is our bodies way of building up energy for an imminent labour hmm

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 19:54:13

Damn you all, now I want custard donuts!!!

Am trying to eat some Blueberries... Though I had a McDonalds earlier was SO bad. But had been dragged in there by a friend, and only had fries, so don't think I'm too blame grin

arolf Mon 24-Aug-09 20:58:18

I got some doughnuts at the supermarket this evening, found the ones in the yellow box marked 'custard doughnuts' and just opened it to find they are only ring doughnuts

am unexpectedly disappointed, but it didn't stop me eating one. will have to go back later in the week and get PROPER ones

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 21:06:51

I'd have taken them back in a hormonal rage!!! grin

arolf Mon 24-Aug-09 21:09:09

if I had the energy, I would too... but then I though 'meh, they're still doughnuts' and ate one

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 21:25:59

Fair play grin I came very close to killing someone last week when NO WHERE had KitKat Chunky Caramels... I did in fact tell the place I finally bought some from, "You've probably just saved someones life" - and she just glanced down and said, "Ah, you're pregnant".

Do enjoy it when men run out of the way to let you in front of the queue. Oh the fear of the hormones!!!!

eightisseventoomany Mon 24-Aug-09 21:47:40

Hi arolf

sorry for causing distress blush

I did actually order jam donuts....and got custard ones...
you wanted custard & get plain !!!

I think these supermarkets have a lot to answer for !!

noone in our house likes custard.....(hence why left to me to eat the lot !!!)

I would take back the empty bag anyways & still complain !! hehe.
as your pg...they'll prob just give you custard ones for fear of their lives grin

I too am trying to get myself to front of queues nowadays ErikaMaye

(being pg has to have some good points!!)

so everytime theres a long queue...I start to pant heavily.....groan somewhat....start bending lower & lower grin
doesnt always work tho (mean selfish ppl !! grrr)

not that i dont try wink

ErikaMaye Mon 24-Aug-09 21:59:54

I just tend to say rather loudly to whoever I'm with - "I really hope the queue moves quickly, the baby is leaning right on my bladder and don't know how long I can hold it for!" Tends to have the desired affect grin

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