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How do I shift position of this baby, fed up!

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Deeeja Sun 23-Aug-09 13:48:02

Ok, this baby was breech, am sure of it, a couple of days ago. Yesterday morning went to the bathroom, had huge poo, and then I couldn't move due to an excruciating pain that wen on for about 10 minutes, with a huge contraction.
Since then I have been very uncomfortable on my right side.
I have had pains every time baby has moved, and I have come to realise that baby is now transverse with head on my right side, and some very painful kicks located on my left and lower left side.
I am hoping that baby is in process of turning head down, but there is obviously not alot of room. I am at the beginnig of week 36 and very uncomfortable.
I need the baby to move, or I will have to have a c-s. My last ds was a vba2c, and was really hoping to have another vbac, but hope is starting to fade now.

Miia Sun 23-Aug-09 14:00:23

Not sure if this will help but you could try going on all fours. A friend of mine recommended this when baby is kicking at your insides.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 23-Aug-09 14:03:02

Sit on a exercise/swiss ball and do hip circles.

Don't sit down for any length of time with your kness higher than your hips.

Google Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP) for other tips.

Good luck smile There is still time for the baby to turn.

Southwestwhippet Sun 23-Aug-09 14:08:47

My mother's last baby was breech. She was gutted as had had two previous home births and desperately didnt' want hospital birth for this one.

Baby was 2 weeks overdue, she had some acupuncture and baby turned round about an hour later. She went into labour about 2 hours after that, had a home water birth exactly as she wanted. Baby was off the percentile scale for length as well so was obviously cramped up in there.

Acupuncture might work for you? It is never too late for them to turn.

BexJ78 Sun 23-Aug-09 21:01:30

Sit on a dining chair if you can, rather than the sofa, and it at all possible sit on it the wrong way around (ie, with the chair back between your legs.) Lie on your left and also kneel on all fours when you can. kep your knees lower than your hips if poss. good luck!!

daisyj Sun 23-Aug-09 21:03:20

Acupuncture and/or reflexology - good luck!

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