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Back pain

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Miia Sun 23-Aug-09 10:48:25

Any tips what I can do for lower back pain? I am only 18 weeks gone but already have been suffering from dodgy back for a few weeks - started off with a feeling of cramp in my lower back, reflecting on my left bum cheek... massage helps temporarily but now my back is even sore to touch. hmm

KatyS36 Sun 23-Aug-09 11:12:43

Go and see a good physio. you may be able to get referred quickly on the NHS (depending on area) or if you can afford it you could see someone provately (my physio costs £45 an hour, and I've generally only seen him once per problem as he tells me what to do (exercises/lifestyle) and I go away and do it, and generally the problem gets better.

My experience is that a good physio is a much better first port of call than all the other alternatives, not least due to their very high level of training, and they can often just give you exercises that you can go and do yourself, ratehr than paying for more treatment.

Good luck

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