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Glucose in urine at 20 weeks

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bevlin Thu 20-Aug-09 14:43:05

My doc said I had glucose in my urine sample and to hand another in in 3 or 4 weeks.
I laughed and said oh it's probably the huge peice of cake I just had and he said that wouldn't effect it hmm?
I thought id heard people say that sometimes if you happen to have had a lot of sugar before a test it may just show in your urine.
Im worried now. I had such a High Risk PG last time and so far Ive been fine.
I didn't think I was eating that badly and Im not usually too much of a sweet tooth, possibly slightly more when PG.
Anyone have same thing and it turned out to be ok?

Broodzilla Thu 20-Aug-09 15:53:13

I had it at 20 weeks. The MW asked what I'd eaten that morning (porridge and an apple) and then told me it must have been the apple, and it was nothing to worry about. At 28 weeks I had it again (porridge only) and at first they said that it might've been sweetened (it wasn't, I make my own and actually put salt in it...) Anyway, as it was the second +ve I had to go in for the full on GTT. Turns out my bloodsugar levels were absolutely fine, so it seems that I'm one of those strange people whose kidneys leak sugar even when there's not a lot of it in the blood.

So - don't worry too much about it! I'd say if you feel fine otherwise, chances are you're ok.

bevlin Sat 22-Aug-09 14:44:11

Thanks broodzilla, I was just surprised at him telling me what I ate before hand wouldn't effect it. I knew Id heard people say their doc or MW would ask them first what they had eaten if it showed up then dismiss if it was sweet in anyway. It was a very big peice of cake grin

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