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just don't feel right - WWYD?

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arolf Thu 20-Aug-09 14:09:12

I'm 35+4 weeks pg now, and up until sunday, was feeling fine, albeit rather tired from constant trips to the loo (and apparently much more bad tempered than usual).

But since then, I've been feeling so odd. I just feel totally spaced out most of the time, and occasionally really dizzy. My pelvic area is sore, and has gone from 'ooh, that twinges a bit' to 'ow ow ow ow ow' every time I move (in the space of 4 days). Baby isn't kicking so much, but is clearly moving, so I'm not too worried about him - should I be? I've got some sort of spotty rash on my bump (just a few spots, but god they are itchy), and I have not slept properly for 2 weeks now (i.e. not woken up thinking 'I feel like I slept overnight!', and getting up to go to loo every couple of hours). I've had a couple of nosebleeds during the night this week too. I can't concentrate on anything at work, or at home - a tv programme of more than 20 minutes will make me restless, and I'll stop watching it, plus the only things I'm capable of reading just now are books I know almost off by heart anyway. Plus I feel sick at the mere sight of food (except aero mint bubbles for some reason. it's a hard life).

but I know these are all just little niggles, and I've not got a midwife appt until next Wednesday. I'm just wondering - would anyone else go and get a check up (I am not sure where - GP surgery where midwife is only there 2 days a week, so couldn't see her, or hospital?), or should I just stop whinging, and get on with it? MY blood pressure has been low at every appt (highest so far 112/58), so am wondering if I'm just feeling the heat more than I would usually, and need to drink more. but then I'd pee more, and seriously don't know if that's possible.

Any advice, pats on the back, and telling me to man up (or otherwise) would be appreciated. just feeling really glum

roary Thu 20-Aug-09 14:15:09

Call your MW! Do you have a number for the community midwives in the area? That way you can get an answer and stop worrying. Or call your GP. IEspecially ask about the dizziness and pelvic pain. It is probably absolutely nothing other than the hideousness of late pregnancy, but I am a firm believer in following your gut about these things.

Snowtiger Thu 20-Aug-09 14:16:06

Hi arolf, poor you, it's horrible feeling grotty particularly when it's hot and you're heavily pregnant.
Only my opinion but if I were you I'd give your GP a ring and see if a dr, or even the practice nurse, can see you - it's hard enough being heavily pg without feeling crappy and worried too so even if they just take your BP and check that baby's moving around OK, it should put your mind at rest.
Don't want to worry you given that you're only 35wks + 4 but when I was pg with DS I felt very spaced and strange on the 2 days before I went into labour, so it could just (just! ha!) be that you're getting ready to pop! Is your bag packed?! grin
I know you don't want to pee more and can't cope with the thought of food, but make sure you're well hydrated and your blood sugar isn't getting too low - you need lots of water and low GI foods like oats or brown rice, something bland, if you can. Chocolate will turn your blood sugar topsy turvy which won't help.
Definitely get some reassurance though, one way or another - that's what GPs / nurses / midwives / NHS direct are there for.
Hope you feel better soon!

ginhag Thu 20-Aug-09 14:21:50

Hey there...I would say if you don't feel right then give your gp a ring and have a chat-they may well give you the no of the hospital so that you can ring and speak to a midwife there (you could ask the gp for the number if they don't offer it)

there is no harm in getting checked-you know yourself and what is 'normal' for you and if nothing else it would put your mind at's silly not to call just because you don't want to make a fuss-believe me you won't be the first worried pg lady or gp or the hospital have spoken to!

go and ring'll feel better for doing so...and you may sleep a little better if you're less worried! smile

arolf Thu 20-Aug-09 14:29:35

OK, am going to call GP and see if I can go in tomorrow. problem is that the hospital is bloody miles away by public transport from where I live and work - and I don't have the car today - so am a bit stuck at work now.

am also going for coffee break so will get something nice to drink and see if that makes me feel any better.

thanks for the advice - it's good to know that even if I am worrying about nothing, it's totally justified! (can you tell I'm a first timer too?!)

and snowtiger - my bag is not packed, but I have some stuff for it ready to go in when I actually get around to it!

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