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Funny Feelings In Legs

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kizzy212 Sat 28-May-05 11:16:58

Somebody please tell me they feel the same. Started few weeks ago. I have these strange aching, blood rushing feeling in my legs. Im 28 weeks and cant sleep because of it. It mainly occurs at night when i lie down in bed and start to relax.It doesnt hurt but becomes very uncomfortable,to the stage where you wanna chop your legs off.if i do drop to sleep i can sleep till i need toilet and it starts all again.

someone tell me they are suffering too. will mention it to midwife on friday when i go for weekly visit.but dont want to sound strange.

AnotherHelen Sat 28-May-05 11:24:03

Hiya Kizzy! Dont worry, i had this with my second pregnancy and it was just a circulation thing, it made me very restless and all i did in bed all night was wriggle around trying to get comfy my legs just felt like i had cramp in them and they just felt like someone else's! i was told it was one of those pregnancy things (another one) and it was completley harmless, but im sorry to say it didnt go away until after my son was born! i know its different for everyone so i hope you feel better soon! its a good idea to mention it to the midwife though if just for your peice of mind, im sure everything will be just fine! xxx

kizzy212 Sat 28-May-05 11:31:30

i have just found a piece of information on it, and sounds excaltey as you say. i would do anything for it to go away, but if its one of them things then i must stay sane. i am getting that wound up at a night, i am ending up on seetee just to give partner his sleep.i could cry with it sometimes.
but thanks anyway for all advice. anything help you.

AnotherHelen Sat 28-May-05 11:50:11

I found that i nice long massage helped it didnt get rid of it totally but it helped alot! but if u are using massgae oils u need to check they are ok to be used during pregnancy as some are unsafe, if u can get someone to just give u a nice massage all around the area that is annoying you most, (i found it was my thighs, and if i massaged my lower back and then slowly to my thighs it worked miracles!) i think its just the stimulation to your circulation that helps - i hope this helps a little! xx

kizzy212 Sat 28-May-05 11:55:15

Will try anything. thanks for your advice. its amazing how much i feel better just by finding out someone else suffered. i thought it was me going mad. mom said i am been a typical pregnant woman. lol. whatever one of those is? never had anything like this with first born. lol

again thanks for input!!!


meggymoo Sat 28-May-05 11:58:01

Message withdrawn

gloworm Sat 28-May-05 12:07:55

kizzy it is almost definatly caused by a lack of calcium. i suffer from this for years, and it was always worse during pregnancy. as soon as i started taking calcium i was fine. even if you drink plenty of milk/cheese etc it is still very easy to be low in calcium during pregnancy.
I own a small health shop and we have had lots ot positive feedback from customers (both pregnant and not) who have started taking calcium. by the way its known as "restless leg syndrome" and very common.
ask in you health shop for a good quality brand that is safe to use during pg. i always use Solgar.

kizzy212 Sat 28-May-05 12:26:56

gloworm.....oh that is great, we have a health shop in local shopping centre. will look out for that. i am willing to try anything.

meggymoo.... thats is excatley what it feels like, it will build up and then jump jerky movement will occur. then start again. i am finding it hard to not think about it. the more i sit and wait the worse i feel in myself. did you wanna chop legs off too.

i could really cry. but am gonna try that calium intake i cant continue like this for another 12 weeks.

Lua Sat 28-May-05 18:57:05

I don't know if this is exactly what you are having, but I have something that I found described in the internet as "twitchy legs syndrome" and it is somewhat common in pregnancy.
From what I gather there a couple of theories out there to explain it. One is calcium, another is iron. FWIW by 30 weeks I was diagnosed as anemic, and since taking iron tablets it dis seem to get better.... It might be worth mentioning to your MW....
Hope you get rid of them! It is such a nuissance isn't?

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