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Anyone managed to have a water birth after a previous c section?? Advice please...

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tracyea Wed 19-Aug-09 23:08:55

I'm 33 weeks with DC3. DC 1 horrible labour that ended up with forceps and major tearing. DC 2 was a planned c section due to placenta previa. This time I would really like it to be different !!
I know that water births are not encouraged after a c section but has anyone managed to have one??

jancolls Thu 20-Aug-09 01:17:36

My best friend had both of her children by VBAC water births at home [emc for the first baby which died]. She did however, pay for her midwifery care with 2 independent midwives. I'd love to put you in touch with her, but unfortunately she's on a remote Scottish island at the moment!

I did do research on this topic for my Access to Midwifery course and it will all depend on a]the reasons for the obstetric interventions previously, b]the policy of your booking hospital and c]the policy/feelings of your delivery midwife/dr.

Given the limited history you have stated here, I see no reason for you not to be allowed to attempt a water birth. Your first intervention was probably IMO, due to an obstructed labour [CPD perhaps?]. You had a rough time of it with no 2, PP is no joke as I'm sure you know only too well, but its something that can happen and won't necessarily reoccur. Obviously it hasn't this time around, so.... as long as you and the bump are both ok, I would say go for it.

Making the decision is the easy part, convincing others - particularly the medical profession - is something else. There is no reason that you can't use water for the 1st stage. Don't get in too early, as the warmth of the water can actually stop the contractions. If you don't want to be disturbed, make sure that your water birth unit has a doppler that can be used underwater, otherwise you'll have to get out of the water for monitoring.

You will have to be checked periodically for a 'trial of scar'. It sounds ominous, but its just a check to see that the emc scar isn't trying to open, as this could be an infection route. You don't need to get out for this, you can just turn onto your back. If all is progressing well, you should be allowed to remain in the water until you are in the 2nd stage, but you will be asked to leave the pool for delivery. If all is well, you can return to the pool for the 3rd stage.

The best thing to do now, is get as much research done as you can. Google for information on VBAC water births. Check your delivery unit and make sure that VBAC trained midwives are available and willing to take on a water birth. If you can afford it and wish to do so, you can hire an independent midwife to deliver you at the hospital. Check the hospital policy on this and ask to speak with the Supervisor of Midwives, as she will have to ok this.

Hope you found this useful, good luck and don't be put off, stick to your guns.

CarmenSanDiego Thu 20-Aug-09 03:05:10

Yep, I had a water birth at home. The midwife had a fab underwater doppler and the baby was very well monitored. Wonderful birth, no tearing or anything.

CarmenSanDiego Thu 20-Aug-09 03:06:52

And the baby was more or less the same size as the first 'stuck' baby that I had my EMCS for.

SofiaAmes Thu 20-Aug-09 07:05:25

I had a VBAC after an emergency cs. I would have had a water birth, but hot water in hospital (brand new in London) wasn't working and birthing pool only had 6 inches of water by the time I gave birth.

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