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Large baby and still 10 days to go!

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loganberry12 Wed 19-Aug-09 13:26:38

my baby already weighs 9 1/2 lb according to growth scan and i still have 10 days till due date. I saw the midwife today and ask how long overdue they would let me go considering im 43 years old and have a large baby and she said age or baby weight makes no difference they still will let me go 12 days over. Really fed up and very uncomfortable now praying this baby comes soon, my SPD is really effecting me now and im so big hot and tired, oh well she'll come when she's ready cant wait

reikizen Wed 19-Aug-09 13:40:38

TBH it depends. Some consultants at our hosp will induce if they think baby is huge or your SPD is very bad so you could go and have a cry on a consultant if you feel that strongly about it! But first some questions! Why did they scan you re: baby's weight? What was your birthweight? And your partners? Do you think this baby is big? Is this your first baby?
Growth scans are notoriously inaccurate, both in clinical trials and anecdotally so I wouldn't put much faith in them myself. Anyway, as long as your pelvis is roomy enough, it doesn't matter how large baby is. A 7lb can get stuck if there isn't enough room to get out iyswim.
Also, be aware that induction is not an easy option, it has significant adverse outcomes associated with it and is usually long and hard (and boring at first) Good luck!

loganberry12 Wed 19-Aug-09 14:14:36

this is my 5th baby my 4th was born 14 years ago so a long gap. I was measuring large for my dates so that why they scanned. I was 9lb at birth and my husband 10 1/2 lb so nether of us were small babies. My other babies weights were from 7 to 8 lbs. this baby deffently feels much bigger. im just a bit frightned to be hunest about giving birth to a large baby and its been a long time since i did it so just getting nervous about it all i suppose.

reikizen Wed 19-Aug-09 15:45:58

Ok, so if you feel bigger I would be inclined to go with that as you are the expert on your pregnancies. Having said that as long as all of the other deliveries were straightforward and this is the same partner I would be pretty confident that you could birth this one too. To be sure though I would stay as mobile and upright as possible during labour and choose as upright a position as possible for delivery to avoid any problems delivering the shoulders. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious after such a long gap, talk to your partner and midwife at delivery about that so she knows how you feel. Good luck!

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