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was it bad advice about my big bump??? 17 weeks

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Ok am 17 weeks pregnant in my first pregnancy and in the last 10 days or so my bump has gotten huge and i now look about 6 months pregnant! Just below my boobs is rock hard so yesterday i called my maternity unit to just ask is this normal, and she says come on in we will have a look at you.

I go in and see the midwife whom i found awful at my 16 week appointment who keeps asking me where is this pain, depite 3 times telling her i have no pain. She felt me and said yes hard when standing up, when im led down it feels totally normal. Do i have history of hernia etc of which i say no.

So she sent me home saying basically i have weak muscles, am going to be very big and i need to go out and buy myself a support belt for the bump!

we heard bubs heartbeat it took ages to find it this time, the last 2 times they put doplar on me and picked it up straight away.

I dont like this midwife and i dont think i trust her either should i be worried??


MrsBadger Wed 19-Aug-09 08:38:21

don't be worried

bumps come in all shapes and sizes

you did hear the heartbeat so you know the baby is fine, it's probably just moving around more now so is harder to pinpoint first go.

but generally if nothing hurts then you are probably ok (which I presume is why she thought you were in pain - most people she sees who turn up with 'odd' bumps will be in pain)

she may be right and you may be in for a big bump
and you may find a support belt helps

For the record, midwives are often (IME) rude, brusque and unsympathetic, but they are very rarely actually wrong or stupid.

You're doing fine smile

thanks mrs badger! Def no pain other than what i assume normal twinges from all the stretching thats going on! grin

Well i shall be a huge pregnant lady then! Thanks once again! now im of to sit in the sun with my sister! smile

mummytopebs Wed 19-Aug-09 09:41:46

I am 17 weeks to and i am also huge, i am fully in maternity clothes now, i was huge with my dd to so was expecting to be big with this one to x On the other hand my friend is also 17 weeks and doesnt even have a tiny bump. Mine also is hard when stood up and soft when sat down, and seems to get harder as the day goes on!

woodhj Wed 19-Aug-09 13:01:57

Im 17 weeks pregnant and the only time anyone has listened or seen heartbeat is at the 10 week scan, should they have listened for it by now?

I weighed 71 at 8 weeks and weigh 74.5 at 17 weeks so not really put much on but do have a big bump that gets bigger as the day goes on.

Im also worried about the size of baby as DD was 9lb 2oz and found pushing her out really hard, but what can you do. A big baby is a healthy baby and thats all any of us want.

MrsBadger Wed 19-Aug-09 21:49:07

woodhj - you're probably due a mw appt between 16 & 18wks (does vary by health authority though)

and it's not long now till your 20wk scan smile

woodhj Thu 20-Aug-09 07:44:52

Yeah i had my 16 - 18 week check yesterday but they never listened to heartbeat still but baby gave me a good old kick yesterday that hard it made me stop in my tracks so i know everything is o.k

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